Graduate Placement

Graduates of Northeastern’s Ph.D. program, and Masters programs in both world history and public history have gone on to work in a range of academic programs and fields around the country. Graduates who have earned a Ph.D. are currently teaching and conducting research at various institutions, including: Oberlin College, Delaware State University, the National University of Singapore, Bowling Green State University, and Harvard University. Graduates who have earned a Masters Degree in public history are employed as editors at Harvard University Press, Bedford/St Martin’s Publishing and Houghton-Mifflin; as museum curators at the JFK Library, the Indiana Historical Society, and the Texas State Library; and as researchers at the New England Historic and Genealogical Society and the Adams National Historic Site. The diversity of these positions, as well as their prestige, speaks to the quality of graduate education at Northeastern University. Please see below for a more comprehensive list of our graduates and where they are currently working.

Zachary Scarlett, Assistant Professor at Butler University (Indiana)
Ph.D., 2013

Samantha Christiansen, Assistant Professor and Director of Women’s Studies at Marywood University (Pennsylvania).
Ph.D., 2013

Stephanie Boyle, Assistant Professor Albright College
Ph.D., 2012

Yan Li, Assistant Professor Oakland University
Ph.D., 2012

Rachel Moloshok, Assistant Editor, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
M.A., Public History, 2011

Rachel Gillett, Lecturer, History & Literature, Harvard University
Ph.D., 2010 Crossing the Pond: Jazz, Race and Gender in Interwar Europe

Robert Damon, Historic Site Manager, Old North Foundation, Boston
M.A., Public History, 2010

Natira Pancsofar, Researcher, New England Historic and Genealogical Society
M.A., Public History, 2008

Mary Blauss Edwards, Research, New England Historic and Genealogical Society
M.A., Public History, 2008

Laura Bray, National Archives, Washington, D.C.
M.A., Public History, 2008

Tiffany Trimmer, Assistant Professor, Bowling Green State University
Ph.D., 2007, Solving Migration “Problems”: Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Indian Ocean Approaches, 1890-1930

Jennifer Jovin, Associate Editor, History, Bedford/St. Martin’s Press, Boston, MA
M.A., Public History, 2007

Aiqun Hu, Associate Professor, Arkansas St. University
Ph.D., 2007 Social Insurance in Twentieth Century China: A Global Historical Perspective

Alison Carter, Exhibitions Director, Newton Historical Society, Newton, MA
M.A., Public History, 2007

Mark Schmidt, Executive Director, Falmouth Museums on the Green
M.A., Public History, 2007

Denise Hendylmeyer, Manager, Texas State Library and Archives
M.A., Public History, 2006

Brendan Wilson, Adams National Historic Site
M.A., Public History, 2006

Suzanne Carroll, Massachusetts Historical Society
M.A., Public History, 2006

Jeanine Rees, Assistant Editor, Harvard University Press
M.A., Public History, 2005

Paul Blankman, Editor, Houghton-Mifflin, Boston, MA
M.A., Public History, 2005

Bin Yang, Associate Professor, National University, Singapore
Ph.D., 2004, Between Winds and Clouds: The Making of Yunnan (Second Century B.C. – Twentieth Century C.E.)

George Dehner, Assistant Professor, Wichita State University
Ph.D., 2004, Comparing National and International Responses to Pandemic Disease: Examining National and International Responses to the Swine Flu of 1976

Whitney Howarth, Associate Professor, Plymouth State University
Ph.D., 2004, Mission to Modernity: Formation of Hindu Political Party in Late Nineteenth Century Mysore

Jennifer Kaye, Senior Editor Specialist, Wisconsin Veterans Museum
M.A., Public History, 2004

George Reklaitis, Chair, History Department, Brookdale Community College
Ph.D., 2003, A Common Hatred: Lithuanian Nationalism During the Triple Occupation, 1939 – 1953

Laurie Claing, JFK Library, Audio-Visual Archives
M.A., Public History, 2002

Eric Martin, Associate Professor, Lewis-Clark State University
Ph.D., 2001, Anti-Colonial Worldviews: An Intellectual World History of the Twentieth Century

Jeffrey Sommers, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee
Ph.D., 2001, The Entropy of Order: Democracy and Governability in the Age of Liberalism

Yinghong Cheng, Associate Professor, Delaware State University
Ph.D., 2001, Creating the New Man – Communist Experiments in China and Cuba: A World History Perspective

Pamela Brooks, Associate Professor, Oberlin College
Ph.D., 2000, Boycotts, Buses and Passes: Black Women’s Resistance in Montgomery Alabama and Johannesburg, South Africa from Colonization to 1960

Sarah Swedberg, Associate Professor, Mesa State University
Ph.D., 1999, Blurred Boundaries: “Identity” in Massachusetts in the Early Republic Through Letters of the Cranch Family

Bridget Gilbert, Curator, Stan Hylet House, Akron, OH
M.A., Public History, 1999

Emily Jansen, Independent Filmmaker
M.A., Public History, 1999

James Williams, Indiana Historical Society
M.A., Public History, 1999