Admissions Checklist

All admissions materials (listed below) must be submitted electronically via the online application system.

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  1. Application Form
  2. Application Fee
  3. Personal Statement
  4. Transcripts from all institutions attended
  5. Letters of Recommendation
  6. Writing Samples
  7. GRE Scores

1. Application Form
Use our online application system to create an account, complete your application, then come back and review your progress. Instructions and tips are available on the site.

Who: The application form is required of all applicants.

2. Application Fee
The application must be accompanied by an application fee of $75.00. It is preferred that you pay the fee with a debit or credit card via the online application system. You may also pay the fee via check or money order. Checks and money orders must be in U.S. dollars and made out to “Northeastern University.” Fees for international applicants must be from a bank that has a U.S. branch.

Who: The application fee is required of all applicants.

3. Personal Statement The personal statement is a brief description of your background, your interests, and your reasons for wanting to enroll in the graduate program. You may include any other information that you feel might be useful, such as prior teaching or tutoring experience. The personal statement should not exceed two pages for M.A. programs or three pages for Ph.D. programs. For Ph.D. students: your statement should indicate who you want to work with as an advisor, and what area you wish to work in. This choice is not binding, but will give the admissions committee a better sense of your fit with the department.

Who: Personal statements are required of all applicants.

4. Transcripts from all institutions attended
Unofficial transcripts should be uploaded to the Apply Yourself system as part of your application. International transcripts must be in English and, if applicable, also in the language of instruction. English translated transcripts must be officially certified by a translator or by an educational credential evaluation agency.

Who: Transcripts are required of all applicants.

5. Letters of Recommendation
You should submit at least three letters of recommendation. Recommendation letters should be from academic references able to attest to your expected performance in a graduate program.

Who: Letters of recommendation are required of all applicants to the M.A. and Ph.D. programs.

6. Writing Sample. The writing sample should be academically based and 10-30 pages in length.

7. GRE Scores
 A complete list of GRE test dates and testing sites is available online. The GRE code for Northeastern’s College of Social Sciences and Humanities is 3682.

Admissions Information

The History graduate programs accepts applications for the Fall entry term. Interested prospective students should review the Graduate Office of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities’ admission page. Here students can also fill out the online application and find information on required materials and important deadlines.

Fall Term
January 10: PhD program (priority deadline)
February 1: Masters applicants (priority deadline)
May 1: Masters applicants (international)
August 1: Masters applicants (non-international)
August 25: Special Student applicants (non-international only)

Applications are first reviewed by the Department’s Graduate Committee, and a recommendation is then made to the college, which makes the final decision.

All Ph.D. students are admitted only as full-time. Part-time status is possible for M.A. students. Some students are accepted with “Special Student” status. These students take up to 9 semester hours worth of coursework (overall) and are considered non-matriculating.

Financial Aid

Information on tuition, fees, billing policies and procedures is provided by the Northeastern University Registrar’s Office.

The Department of History provides a number of competitive financial awards to entering graduate students. Applicants should indicate if they are interested in departmental funding on Section II of the application. Accepted Ph.D. students are fully funded which includes tuition, stipend, and student health insurance.  Stipended Graduate Assistantship (SGA). SGAs require full time study (9 semester hours per semester) and provide up to 9 credits of tuition waiver per semester in exchange for teaching assistance. Qualified doctoral students are also eligible for additional funding as University Excellence Fellows. Ph.D. students who have been advanced to doctoral candidacy are eligible to receive paid instructorships for up to two years.

Tuition scholarships are also available to M.A. students enrolled in full time study (9 semester hours per semester).  These scholarships offer aid toward tuition but are not accompanied by a stipend. If you are interested in a CSSH Dean’s Scholarship, please check the appropriate box on the online admission application. More information is available at Please note that these awards are competitive.

Additional financial aid information is available from the the Northeastern University Student Financial Services Office.