Tim Cresswell

Timothy Cresswell

Ph. D., University of Wisconsin; Cultural Geography, History of Urban Space

210 F Renaissance Park

T: (617) 373-5841 E-mail: t.cresswell@neu.edu

Tim Cresswell is Professor of History and International Affairs. His research interests center on Cultural and Historical Geography, Histories of Urban Space, Histories of Transport/Mobility, Heritage and Memory, Landscape and Preservation, the Archive. Examples include the way in which notions of place and notions of mobility are enacted and represented in fields including medicine, transport planning, social justice movements, poetry, photography and music. His work on mobility and its historical constitution  can be found in On the Move: Mobility in the Modern Western World (Routledge, 2006). Here, the development of a theoretical approach to mobility in the book is based around a series of case studies ranging from the scale of the body (in the workplace or the dancehall for instance), through various forms of migration to the international airport. Research on mobility is an on-going project. Cresswell recently co-edited the volume Geographies of Mobiltiies: Practices, Spaces, Subjects (Ashgate, 2011).

The second major focus of Cresswell’s research is “place” Most recently he has explored a particular place, Maxwell Street Market in Chicago, in an effort to find new ways of writing about and exploring a place as it has changed over 130 years. This will lead to a monograph which will include a meso-level theorization of place intended to take our understanding of place forward in helpful ways.

Cresswell is also a poet and he explores similar themes in his debut collection Soil (Penned in the Margins, 2013).

Prior to coming to Northeastern, Cresswell worked at the Department of Geography, Royal Holloway, University of London (2006-2013), University of Wales, Aberystwyth (1999-2006) and University of Wales, Lampeter (1993-1999). He is a managing editor of the journal cultural geographies.

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