Harvey Green (Emeritus)

Ph.D. Rutgers University, 1976
U.S. Material, Cultural and Literary History Public History

209 Meserve
T: (617) 373-4444
E-mail: h.green@neu.edu

Harvey Green investigates the cultural history of the United States. He teaches courses on that general subject as well as courses in the history of sport, the material culture of the U.S., public history, and the history of western North America. He is currently working on a book on the development of popular historical consciousness in the U.S. between 1820 and 1920, emphasizing the intersection of popular historical fiction and domestic material culture. He has also published articles and essays on the history of photography, the history of health and fitness, the craft revival movements in the US in the 1930s, and everyday life in the U.S. between 1915 and 1945.


Director of the Public History Program at Northeastern
Committee of the International Society for Cultural History
Organization of American Historians
The American Historical Association
Western History Association

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