Gerald H. Herman

M.A., Northeastern University, 1967
Military, Media and History, Modern Cultural Europe, Science and Technology

223 Meserve
T: (617) 373-4441

Professor Herman’s areas of expertise include modern and contemporary European cultural and intellectual history focused on the interrelationships between the arts and the sciences, twentieth century military history, and History through media.

His books include Critical Thinking Using Primary Sources in World History (2004), Critical Thinking Skills Using Primary Sources in World History (2003), Critical Thinking Skills Using Primary Sources in U. S. History (2000), World History on the Screen (1995/2003), American History on the Screen (1994/2002), all with co-author Wendy S. Wilson, and The Pivotal Conflict: A Comprehensive Chronology of the First World War (1992). Most recently he has co-edited (with Deborah R. Kaufman, David Phillips, and James R. Ross) From the Protocols of Zion to Holocaust Denial Trials: Challenging the Media, the Law and the Academy (2007).

He has also contributed chapters to books including Hollywood’s World War I: Motion Picture Images, edited by Peter C. Rollins and John O’Connor (1997), Image as Artifact: The Historical Analysis of Film an Television, edited by John O’Connor (1990), and The Craft of Public History, edited by David F. Trask and Robert W. Pomeroy III (1983). He has also written and produced award winning television and radio programs and has produced (witrh others) groundbreaking text and multimedia instructional courses and materials for Northeastern University, including the pioneering Bloom’s Taxomony-based Western Civilization courses, Windows to the Past (1974-1984), and the“Migration in World History” CD-ROM (1994-1996).

He is a frequent contributor of articles to journals including Film and History and The Public Historian, for which he has served since 1994 as Film and Electronic Media Reviews Editor. He has received major grants from the Andrew Mellon Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Science Foundation, Annenberg/C.P.B., The Indiana Humanities Council, and the New England Association of School and Colleges. He has won the Ohio State Award for Excellence in Educational, Informational, and Public Affairs Broadcasting (1980), the American Association for Higher Education “Reaching for New Standards: Partnerships Take the Lead” Award (1992), and Northeastern’s “Excellence in Teaching” and “Advisor of the Year” awards.

He is currently working on a book entitled An Historian’s Guide to non-Print Media. He is an award winning writer and producer of radio and television programs and most recently served as media director for the C.P.B./ Annenberg CD-ROM “Migrations in Modern World History” produced at Northeastern’s World History Center in collaboration with WGBH Boston and distributed by Wadsworth Press.

As a founding member of the Historians’ Film Committee, he contributed to its groundbreaking National Endowment for the Humanities funded American Historical Association/ Library of Congress “Image as Artifact” project (1988). Over the course of his career thus far, he has led or participated in research and curriculum development projects utilizing grants that have totaled over two million dollars.

Professor Herman teaches courses on “the History of Science and Technology” and “Technological Transformations of Society” (both co-taught with Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Arvin Grabel), courses on the history of flight and on the history of the automobile (the latter with Professor Clay McShane), European Cultural History, history of twentieth century war, with specialized courses on the two World Wars and on the Vietnam Wars, courses on history and Film (for both undergraduates and for graduate students in the Department’s Public History and Master of Arts in Teaching curricula), and graduate seminars and courses in twentieth century history on World War I and on the Holocaust. He is currently Northeastern’s Working Group member of the Boston History Collaborative’s “Innovations Odyssey” project.

He currently is jointly appointed in History and Cinema Studies Program in the College of Arts, Media and Design, as an instructor in the University Honor’s Program, as History coordinator in Northeastern’s School of General Studies, and as History and Liberal Studies Consultant in Northeastern’s School of Professional and Continuing Studies. He also serves as Special Assistant to the Office of the University Counsel focusing on matters of telecommunications, intellectual property, and institutional governance.


Media Editor, The Public Historian
Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
The Holocaust Awareness Committee

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