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Department Chair

Heather Streets – Salter

Professors of History

Tim Cresswell
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin; Cultural and Historical Geography, Histories of Urban Space, Histories of Transport/Mobility, Heritage and Memory, Landscape and Preservation, the Archive (Joint appointment with the Office of International Affairs)

William M. Fowler, Jr.
Ph.D. University of Notre Dame; American colonial, maritime, and Revolutionary history.

Laura L. Frader
Ph.D. University of Rochester; European, French, womens’, gender, and labor history. (Associate Dean of Faculty)

Tom Havens
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley. Japanese Cultural History.

Uta G. Poiger
Ph.D. Brown University; Modern Germany, Gender and Sexuality, The Holocaust and Comparative Genocide, Race and Ethnicity, Americanization, History of Consumption, Comparative History. (Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities)

Harlow Robinson
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley; Russian/Soviet and East European cultural history, history of music.

Associate Professors of History

Timothy Brown
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley; Modern Germany and Europe; radical politics and popular culture; transnational social movements; 1968.

Jeffrey Burds
Ph.D. Yale University; Russian and Ukrainian Studies.

Robert Hall
Ph.D. Florida State University; African-American history, US colonial, social, and cultural history (Joint appointment with African-American Studies).

Ilham Khuri-Makdisi
Ph.D. Harvard University; Middle East, Islam, diaspora, Arabic cultural and intellectual history.

Katherine A. Luongo
Ph.D. University of Michigan; African, South Asian and World History.

Heather Streets-Salter
Ph.D., Duke University; World History, the History of Imperialism and Colonialism, Modern British History, Race and Gender Studies.

Louise E. Walker
Ph.D. Yale University; Mexican and Latin American History, History of Capitalism.

Assistant Professors of History

Victoria Cain
Ph.D. Columbia University; Visual and Material Culture, Public History, American Cultural History

Gretchen Heefner
Ph.D. Yale University; US Foriegn Policy, Cold War History

Gerald Herman
M.A. Northeastern University; European cultural history, history of science and technology, war in the 20th century, media and history (Joint appointment with Department of Education; Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies).

Christopher Parsons
Ph.D. University of Toronto; Atlantic History, Environmental History

Benjamin MacDonald Schmidt
Ph.D. Princeton University; Digital History, American Intellectual History

Philip Thai
Ph.D. Stanford University; Modern Chinese History, Legal History, Economic History


Part-Time Instructors

Richard Conley
Associate Co-Op Coordinator, Arts & Sciences

Peter Fraunholtz

Richard M. Freeland
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania; American Foriegn Policy and American Education.

Emeritus Professors of History

Philip N. Backstrom, Jr.
Ph.D. Boston University; Modern English, 20th Century European History

Charmarie Blaisdell
Ph.D. Tufts University; Mediveal, Early Modern Europe, Cultural Europe, Political Theory

Ballard C. Campbell
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin; American and Comparative History, Government, Politics and Public Policy.

Harvey Green
Ph.D. Rutgers University; American cultural history, public history, material culture, literary history, western U.S. history, history of sport.

Patrick Manning
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin; Africa, World History

Clay McShane
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin; Urban history, recent U.S. history, and Social History.

Anthony Penna
D.A. Carnegie-Mellon University; Environmental history, U.S. education history, recent U.S. and World history.

Raymond Robinson
Ph.D. Harvard University; U.S. history, history of media, and U.S. elites.