Annual Graduate Student Conference in World History

The Annual Global History Graduate Student Conference is intended to challenge the norms of scholarly inquiry and to explore new directions in world history. In 2009, 35 graduate students from Europe and the United States gathered at Northeastern University for the first graduate student conference in world history. At this conference, students presented their research, participated in an exchange of ideas and met some of their fellow colleagues. Since then the graduate student conference has continued to grow, featuring keynote speakers like Adam McKeown and Peter Gran, and attracting top-notch graduate students from around the world.

The 2014 Sixth Annual Graduate Student Conference in World History “Memory, Memorials, and Media: Re-Imagining World History” will be held on March 22 and 23. 

Dan Cohen, the founding Executive Director of the Digital Public Library of America, will be giving his keynote address on March 22.

The fifth annual graduate student conference in world history was held on March 16 and March 17. The theme of last year’s conference was “Migration, Mobilities, and Movement: Crossing Borders in World History.”  More than 35 graduate students presented papers at last year’s conference. Participants of the conference included many students from Northeastern University’s department of history. Outside participants from universities around the United States as well as Europe and Asia also attended the conference. These graduate students presented on a wide variety of topics, including the history of global cities, the relationship between migration and the construction of the state, and the use of digital tools in conducting graduate research. The keynote address presented by Professor Donna Gabaccia, the Rudolph J. Veccoli Chair of Immigration History and the Director of the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota was titled “From Immigration History to Mobility Studies.”

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Sponsored by: The Northeastern University Department of History, Vice Provost for Research, Humanities Center, College of Social Sciences and Humanities Dean’s Office, Graduate and Professional Student Association.

All events are free and open to all members of the Northeastern Community.