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Welcome to the intertidal biomimic logger database, a long-term repository of loggers that have been deployed around the world by the Helmuth lab and their many collaborators. The database comprises intertidal temperatures relevant to the body temperature of intertidal mussels and barnacles. These modified biomimetic instruments record temperatures that are very similar (within ~2°C) to those of living mussels. Notably, these temperatures are often quite different ( 14°C or more) from those measured by unmodified loggers, and usually much warmer than air temperatures recorded by weather stations. They therefore provide unique insights in to patterns of physiological thermal stress that are undetectable using more commonly-used methods.

More information on modified mussel biomimics (“robomussels") can be found at Fitzhenry et al., 2004 and in several other papers published by our lab group.


Metadata and intertidal elevation processing tool (Site Parser) can be found in the links below.


By making use of these data, you agree to cite the following (Helmuth et al., 2016) in any published manuscripts. We’d greatly appreciate copies of any papers that use the data contained herein.

If you have any questions or are interested in contributing data to the database, please contact:



Database development team: Abhijeet Sharma, Olaoluwa Oloniniyi, Sameer Motwani, Jiayi Wu, Tarunpreet Singh

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