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    Bates A.E., B. Helmuth, M.T. Burrows, M.I. Duncan, J. Garrabou, T. Guy-Haim, F. Lima, A.M. Queiros, R. Seabra, R. Marsh, J. Belmaker, N. Bensoussan, Y. Dong, A.D. Mazaris, D. Smale, M. Wahl and G. Rilov. 2018. Biologists ignore ocean weather at their peril. Nature 560(7718):299.

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    Helmuth, B. 2007. Intertidal life as experienced through a powerful lens (Review of M. Koehl, “Wave-swept shore: The rigors of life on a rocky coast.”) Ecol. 88(1): 264-265.

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    Helmuth B.S.T., E.F. Stockwell and D.R. Brumbaugh. 1997. Morphological and environmental determinants of mass flux to corals. Proc. 8th Int. Coral Reef Symp., Panama 2: 1103-1108.

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    Helmuth B., R.R. Veit and R. Holberton. 1994. Dispersal of benthic invertebrates in the Scotia Arc by kelp rafting. Antarctic J. U.S. 29: 145-147.

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