Helmuth Lab


Megan Reilly

Megan is a sophomore at Northeastern University studying for a Marine Biology major with a minor in Environmental Studies. She is very interested in ocean acidification and climate change, and enjoys powerlifting for the Northeastern Powerlifting team. Her current project at the Helmuth lab looks at how people in the local area view the changes that have occurred in coastal ecosystems around them. We are curious to hear stories from both the older and younger generation.


Daniel Litchmore

Daniel is a sophomore at Northeastern University pursuing a double major in Geology and Chemistry. He is very interested in the science behind environmental remediation, mineral analysis and the study of the various natural systems that drive the Earth. His current project at the Helmuth lab uses GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to assist in the creation of comprehensive biological thermal performance maps that gives the invested parties a better idea in the health status and survival probability of the aquatic organisms living in the urban coastal environments. He also uses GIS to convert other types of raw data into comprehensive visual models.


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