Helmuth Lab


Sophia Ly

Sophia is a third year at Northeastern University pursuing an environmental science major with a concentration in conservation and a minor in political science. She is interested in understanding the interplay between environmental science research and policy implementation. Her work at the Helmuth lab has consisted of identifying the stakeholders in the Rumney Marsh tidegate project, making the Helmuth lab projects more accessible to new interns, and analyzing data from the robomussels project.


Jade Lin

Jade is a fourth-year senior at Northeastern majoring in environmental science with minors in sustainable business and food systems sustainability. As president of the Terra Society, she has delighted in sharing her love of the environment and particularly the ocean with her fellow students. She did her research co-op with the Helmuth Lab and is now doing her senior thesis on the Thermal Physiology of Fundulus sp. from a Tidegated Salt Marsh for the Tidegates project. She has loved being able to do cool research working in the Helmuth Lab!


Jaxon Derow

Jaxon is a fourth year marine biology student with minors in environmental science and philosophy. His undergraduate research has focused increasing management effectiveness of community-based marine protected areas by closing funding gaps and empowering communities to successfully manage their marine resources. Jaxon's also an aspiring conservation photographer who aims to build a body of work that will remind people of their closeness to the natural world and inspire them to fight for positive climate outcomes.


Lark Parmalee

Lark is a fourth-year senior at Northeastern University pursuing her B.S. in marine biology and has a minor in graphic design. She completed a summer research internship in the Helmuth lab in 2019, and is hoping to finish that project this spring 2020 for her senior thesis. The project aims to inspect the effectiveness of collecting quadrat data through photos as opposed to in the field, where intertidal fieldwork is known to be challenging due to environmental limitations. She completed a co-op at the New England Aquarium in the penguin department in 2018, and just finished her Three Seas experience this past year as a member of cohort #38. She is excited to graduate and hopes to find work right out of school - finding a way to combine her major and minor would be the dream. She is grateful for her experience in the Helmuth lab, and knows that the skills and experience she gained from her internship will help her find the right job!


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