Helmuth Lab


Mia DeSanctis

Mia is a second year at Northeastern University pursuing an Environmental Science major with a concentration in Marine Science. Her work at the Helmuth lab consists primarily of studying physiological variations of populations in the intertidal zone. She is also assisting in an experiment that aims to measure predator response behavior in mussels. Mia’s passion for environmental science was obvious early in her life. At the age of ten she made an observation: “half the world is under construction and half the world is under destruction.”


Zoë Hockenberry

Zoë is a rising junior at Barnard College, Columbia University pursuing a dual degree in Economics and Environmental Science. She is an NSF-Sponsored Research Experience Undergraduate intern at the Helmuth Lab during Summer 2018. Her work examines the respiration rates of Mysids in two locations of the Rumney Marsh separated by a tide gate. She is focusing on how improperly maintained infrastructure impacts both the natural and economic environment of communities surrounding marsh land. When Zoë isn’t conducting research you can find her playing volleyball, reading a good book or testing out a new recipe in the kitchen.


Sophia Ly

Sophia is a third year at Northeastern University pursuing an environmental science major with a concentration in conservation and a minor in political science. She is interested in understanding the interplay between environmental science research and policy implementation. Her work at the Helmuth lab has consisted of identifying the stakeholders in the Rumney Marsh tidegate project, making the Helmuth lab projects more accessible to new interns, and analyzing data from the robomussels project.


Bradley Phelps

Bradley is a Senior at Harvey Mudd College pursuing an Engineering major with an Emphasis in Environmental Analysis. He spent Summer 2018 as a Research Fellow in the Helmuth Lab building sensor systems and studying predator response behaviors in mussels. He is interested in resource conservation, sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy development. Outside of work, Bradley enjoys long backpacking trips, reading and building bonfires.


Mark Himes

Mark Himes is a senior at the Marblehead High School. He is spending the summer of 2018 working as an NSF-Sponsored High School intern at the Helmuth lab. As an intern, he assisting Allison Matzelle and Francis Choi with the care of mesocosms involved in an experiment studying the growth of blue mussels living under varying stressful conditions. When Mark is not caring for the mesocosms, he is either sailing, at the beach, or hanging out with his friends.


Sahana Simonetti

Sahana is a second year marine biology major at Northeastern University, most recently from Curaçao. She is currently working with two undergraduates to create an interactive map that will allow middle and high school age students in China, Indonesia, the Caribbean and the U.S. to explore overfishing and its system-wide implications. The ultimate goal of the project is to awaken the moral imagination of young people and to empower them to create a new relationship with the ocean as they go on to become business, government and community leaders. She wants to use her understanding of climate change and ecology to help create a future in which communities and the ecosystems they depend upon are resilient in the face of sudden change. When not in the lab, Sahana enjoys photography, drawing, rock climbing and playing music.


David Stein

David is a third year at Northeastern University pursuing a combined major in Computer Science and Biology. His work at the Helmuth Lab chiefly concerns engaging younger generations with the beauty of the oceanic world and the challenges it faces. He is interested in the intersection of technology and life, and seeks to harness the power of computers to create ethical solutions to modern dilemnas.


Richard Judge

Richard is a Senior and Three Seas Program student at Northeastern. He is interested in examining how climate change impacts important marine species and the application of marine science to public policy. His hobbies include: sailing, running, and skiing. This spring, he plans to conduct his senior capstone on robomussel grouping and the accuracy of their temperature data collection as it pertains to wild mussels.


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