Helmuth Lab


  Graduate Students
Name Degree Dissertation/Thesis Title
Ashley Cryan M.S. 2019 Material Matters:
A thermal habitat suitability model of shoreline infrastructure in an urban harbor
Mark Losavio M.S. 2019 Observing outcomes of outreach methods across generations in coastal China
Allison Matzelle Ph.D. 2018 Linking environment to performance:
A bioenergetics approach to understanding the effects of environmental variability across scales
Marissa Varade M.S. 2018 Through the Eye of the Stakeholder:
Disentangling Interactions Between Climate Communications, Environmental Attitudes, and Behaviors
Lauren Giglio M.S. 2017 Connecting inland communities to coastal issues:
Using virtual reality to increase interest level and knowledge retention in the classroom
Kirinne Slaughter M.S. 2017 The Effects of Virtual Reality in a Zoological Setting on Visitors’Empathy and Pro-Environmental Behavior
Emily Duwan M.S. 2016 Assessing The Use of Virtual Reality Technology in Teaching Ecological Concepts
Nicholas Colvard Ph.D. 2016 Eco-physiological and ecological responses of Fucus algae to changes in the surrounding environment
Kelsey Tuminelli M.S. 2015 Acclimation and physiological performance measured through heartrate and oxygen consumption rate in Septifer virgatus under acute thermal stress
Charlee Corra M.S. 2015 Exposure to future climate conditions suggests variable capacity for metabolic plasticity but alters metabolic function and optimal thermal performance in two species of temperate gastropod
Cristian Monaco Ph.D. 2014 Thermal Ecology and Physiology of an Intertidal Predator-Prey system: Pisaster ochraceus and Mytilus californianus
Shadow Gulledge M.S. 2014
Nicole Kish M.S. 2013 Modeling approaches, physiological responses, and climate change: How good is "good enough"?
Josie Iacarella M.S. 2011 Behavioral and Physiological Responses of the Salt Marsh Snail,Littoraria irrorata, to Thermal and Dessication Stresses
Shilpi Chhotray MEERM 2010 An Assessment of the Perceptions, Level of Involvement, and Needs of User- Groups for Marine Protected Areas in the Carolinas
Allison Smith Ph.D. 2010 Measuring and Forecasting Environmental Conditions from the Perspective of Rocky Intertidal Organisms
Lauren Yamane M.S. 2008 Contrasting Responses of an Intertidal Predator to Aerial and Aquatic Body Temperatures
Karl Castillo Ph.D. 2008 Thermal history, benthic composition, and coral physiological response: A comparison between inner lagoon reef and outer barrier reef conspecifics
  M.S. 2003 Effects of elevated seawater temperature on the Scleractinian Coral Montastraea annularis from the inner and outer reefs of Southern Belize
Jen Jost Ph.D. 2007 The morphological determinants of body temperature in the Atlantic Ribbed Mussel, Geukensia demissa, and their effects on mortality and growth rate
Kim Schneider Ph.D. 2006 The role of abiotic factors in intertidal selection: A comparison between an invader and its sibling species
Lauren Szathmary M.S. 2006 Predicting direct and indirect effects of climate change on a predator-prey pair in the rocky intertidal eocsystem
Maxine Henry M.S. 2005 Modeling environmental effects of body temperature of an intertidal saltmarsh snail (Ilyanassa obsoletaSay)
Post-Doctoral Researchers
Name Years Current Position
Mackenzie Zippay 2011-2014 Assistant Professor, Sonoma State
Sylvain Pincebourde 2006-2007 CNRS Research Scientist, IRBI
Sarah Gilman 2004-2005 Assistant Professor of Biology, Joint Science Department of the Claremont Colleges
Undergraduate Researchers
Name Years Lab Positions
Lindsey Forg 2019 Undergraduate Researcher
Luke Briccetti 2019 Undergraduate Researcher
Mia DeSanctis 2018 - 2019 Undergraduate Researcher
Vivienne Gao 2019 Undergraduate Researcher
Zoë Hockenberry 2018 NSF Sponsored Research Experience Undergraduate Intern
Sahana Simonetti 2017 - 2019 Undergraduate Researcher
David Stein 2017 - 2019 Undergraduate Researcher
Richard Judge 2016 - 2018 Undergraduate Researcher
Bradley Phelps 2018 HMC-Northeastern Summer Research Partnership Fellow
Mark Himes 2018 High School Intern
Taylor Irwin 2018 Summer Intern
Praise Adewale 2018 NSF Sponsored Research Experience High School Intern
Daniel Litchmore 2015-2017 Undergraduate Researcher
Tim Briggs 2015-2018 Undergraduate Researcher
Isabella Backman 2017 NSF Sponsored Research Experience Undergraduate Intern
Dianjenis Abreu 2017 NSF Sponsored Research Experience High School Intern
Gabriela Payano 2016 High School Intern
Megan Reilly 2015-2016 Undergraduate Researcher
Lindsay Peter 2015 Undergraduate Researcher
Anthony Lamattina 2015 Undergraduate Researcher, Independent Project
Paola Salas 2015 High School Intern
Nick Burnett 2009-2012 Undergraduate Researcher, Independent Project
Rachel Herrin 2010 Magellan Research Grant, Independent Project
Rachel Price 2012 Undergraduate Researcher, Indpendent Project
Catherine Bowler 2011-2012 Undergraduate Researcher, Indpendent Project
Alyson Tockstein 2008-2010 Lab Technician, Research Assistant
Maggie Brilhart 2008-2009 REU Student
Karly Miller 2008-2009 Senior Honors Thesis
Lauren Van Thiel 2006 Howard Hughes Undergraduate Fellow, Publication
Anne-Marie Laura 2005-2006 Honors Thesis
Lindsay Watson 2005 REU Student, Rising Tide Program
Jake Adams 2004-2006 Independent Project
Nouran Ragaban 2004 Rising Tide Program
Callie Van Koughnet 2004 REU Student
Lisa Wickliffe 2003 Independent Project
Denise Strickland 2002-2003 Honors Thesis, REU Student
Katrina Nylund 2002 Howard Hughes Undergraduate Fellow
Justin Tisdale 2002 REU Student
Tara Fitzhenry 2001-2002 Howard Hughes Undergraduate Fellow, Publication
Christie Stephans 2001 REU Student
Nicole Moore 2000-2001 Honors Thesis, Howard Hughes Undergraduate Fellow
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