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Dr. Name

  Gordana G. Todorov


  Office: 531 Lake Hall, Phone: 617-373-5642,
PhD received from Brandeis University; Advisor Maurice Auslander.

Areas of Interest: Representation theory of Artin algebras, Non-commutative algebra, Homological conjectures, Representations of quivers, Cluster categories, Cluster algebras, Semi-invariants, Triangulated categories. CV

                                                              Auslander-Reiten quiver
of a 3-cluster category
of type E6.
  An interview on Tilting theory and cluster combinatorics
  (with Buan, Marsh, Reineke and Reiten)  

  Teaching ---

  MTH 3175 Group Theory     MWTh 10:30-11:35, 283 Ryder Hall

Office Hours: M (by appointment), W 12-2pm, Th 12-1pm   531 Lake
  Previously taught courses

  Organizing Conferences
I am one of the organizers of Maurice Auslander Distinguished Lectures and International Conference. This is an annual conference in honor of Maurice Auslander. For more information about this years conference, please check here: Apr 25-April 30, 2018.


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