Writing Courses

With the goal of preparing our students for the writing which they will do from day one until graduation all GSP students will take two writing courses as part of the program. These course are linked from fall to spring semester with the same English faculty member.  In the fall semester students take ENGW1110 Introduction to First-Year Writing.  In the spring semester students take ENGW1111 College Writing, the course which all Northeastern students take, most often during their first year.  The faculty members who teach the GSP sections of these courses have been hand selected by the program and have both the knowledge and desire to develop strong first-year writers.  Additionally each section of the will one or more Peer Tutors, hand selected by the instructor from the previous year’s class, to aid students both in the class and in one-on-one tutoring to develop their ideas and writing skills.  These students excelled in the class during their first year and know each instructor’s expectations and teaching style.

Incoming students who bring in AP, IB, or college transfer credit for one of the courses (most often ENGW1111) will have their schedules adjusted accordingly.