What is General Studies?

Program Overview

The General Studies Program (GSP) is a one-year, full-time academic program for selected first-year students who the University believes will excel in a small, structured, rigorous learning environment.  Students entering the GSP become part of community dedicated to success, with a combination of strong student-centered values, personalized advising, and excellent support services. The GSP offers students a great opportunity to grow, learn, and achieve in their first year at NU.

Our students come from diverse academic, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds.  The faculty and staff in GSP also have diverse backgrounds, but share common training and focus on first-year college learning. General Studies selects and carefully evaluates its faculty and advisors for their abilities to teach and advise first-year students. They are devoted to teaching and available to students both inside and outside of the classroom.

In order for students to best be set up for successful transition to their intended college and major, it is important that they take advantage of all aspects of General Studies programming, whether it be enthusiastically participating in their first-year seminar class, meeting with a peer tutor to work on a writing assignment, or having coffee with a peer mentor to discuss possible majors.

The GSP is comprised of the following six integrated components: