Peer Mentoring

What is the GSP Peer Mentoring Program?
The GSP Peer Mentor Program selects and trains former GSP students currently attending Northeastern University to become student mentors for first year GSP students.

The GSP Peer Mentor Program seeks to improve student success and increase levels of satisfaction with the college experience by matching upper class students with entering freshman. The Peer Mentors are chosen based on their strong academic record, their enthusiasm for the GSP, and their ability to guide and communicate with new students. Mentors meet regularly with students both inside the first-year seminar (GENS 1101 and 1102) and outside class.

Through the GSP Peer Mentor Program we hope to:

  • Integrate incoming freshmen into the GSP community as well as the NU community
  • Provide a rewarding learning experience by actively engaging students with their environment
  • Cultivate school spirit
  • Increase community building among GSP students
  • Increase academic achievement among GSP students
  • Increase freshman-to-sophomore retention and satisfaction

What makes a Peer Mentor?
The Peer Mentors serve as role models in the areas of:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Student Life
  • Accessing Resources
  • Community Building
  • School Spirit

GSP Peer Mentors:

  • Participate in welcoming events
  • Attend GSP Transitioning, Learning, & Connecting Seminar (GENS 1101 and 1102)
  • Help students learn the registration process
  • Refer students to the GSP Peer Tutoring Program as needed
  • Assist academic advisors, faculty, and administrators
  • Explain the NU DARs (degree audit)/myPaws programs
  • Know the first-year requirements for the GSP academic tracks and the associated online and campus resources.
  • Know basic upper-level requirements of students’ intended majors

For more information about being a GSP Peer Mentor,  please contact Chad Mank at