Student Profiles

Anna NobleName: Anna Noble
Year: Freshman
Anticipated Area of Study: Health Communications, Business

Anna is on the Women’s Track team here at Northeastern, and being a student-athlete has “tremendously” impacted her transition to college life. “Although being on a Division 1 athletic team often feels equivalent to a full time job on top of school, I would not trade this lifestyle. It has shaped who I am today and helped define what I want to pursue in the future. My teammates have become family to me and have helped the transition become a lot smoother.” She also finds support and structure in the General Studies Program. “I find the support system that comprises the backbone of this program to be the most helpful. Knowing you have a great “team” behind your back is comforting when dealing with many of the stresses that college includes.”

Anna wishes she had known when she was accepted to Northeastern that “being in the General Studies Program doesn’t mean you are any different, less competitive, or less talented as a student. Looking back I am glad I was accepted into this program rather than straight into a major because it has helped my personal adjustment to college overall.” Her advice for incoming General Studies students? “Work hard, find a subject or topic that you are passionate about and run with it. Don’t underestimate your abilities; you are capable of so much more than you ever imagined and many people finally realize that in college.”

As for her major, Anna’s path has shifted since she began at Northeastern. “Originally I had plans of becoming a Physician’s Assistant, and was in the General Studies Program on the Health Science track to eventually go to PA school. After taking a few classes that were very intense and monotonous to me, I started feeling that it was not the right path for me anymore.” Anna liked that the General Studies Program allowed her the flexibility to take a wide range of classes within the health fields that interested her before deciding what she wanted to pursue. Exploring and reflecting on her past experiences has helped her to plan a new path for herself in the health field. “I had an internship in high school that I absolutely loved where I interned for the owner of a private gym in my hometown. He would have me come to many public events and promote the gym as well as work one on one with many of the clients. Because of this experience and my passion for fitness, I want to get into the health and business side of healthcare. I am also planning on becoming a certified personal trainer this summer, but hope to ultimately get into pharmaceutical sales or medical sales.”

Outside of class and track, Anna is involved with Citizen Schools, an organization which pairs Northeastern students with 8th graders in schools in Boston. She helps students build their writing skills and write essays for their applications to competitive private high schools.

Kevin Sullivan editName: Kevin Sullivan
Year: Freshman
Anticipated Area of Study: Engineering

Kevin came from a small high school which he describes as “about the same size as my residence hall,” and was nervous about getting lost in the shuffle when he came to Northeastern. However, he felt that the General Studies Program gave him the guidance he needed to navigate this massive change. He likes the personal touch that GSP has, and the personal relationship that he is able to have with his advisor.

Something that Kevin wishes he had known about GSP when he was accepted into the program is that he would be in class with other students in the same major track he was exploring, and not just with a random group of people. His advice for students entering in the General Studies Program is to embrace the experience because “it might be one of the best things that happens to you at Northeastern.”

Kevin has been on the Engineering track since he was accepted into Northeastern and is prepared to declare Engineering for Fall 2016. However, starting out in the General Studies Program allowed him to fully understand what he needed to do before he moved into the College of Engineering.

Outside of class, Kevin is also involved in the Catholic Center at Northeastern and works as a lifeguard at the Barletta Natatorium!

Name: Tim Smith
Year: Freshman
Anticipated Area of Study: Psychology

Tim had originally planned to major in Nursing, but he changed his path from Nursing to Psychology while in the General Studies Program. He had always considered pursing a minor in Psychology, “but GSP required me to take the class earlier than expected and my minor seemed more interesting than my major!” He liked that the first-year seminar incorporated class assignments that encouraged students to explore their majors before declaring.

Another thing Tim likes about the General Studies Program is the enhanced, one-on-one attention from advisors. “I love that I can walk in to my advisor’s office and have an appointment anytime.”

Tim is very involved on campus, where he is on the Club Wrestling team and works for Northeastern Transportation. His advice for incoming General Studies students? “Be ambitious!”