Learning, Knowing, Doing, Leading

Northeastern’s academic core, known as NUpath, is built around essential, broad-based knowledge and skills—such as understanding societies and analyzing data—integrated with specific content areas and disciplines. It offers students the flexibility to integrate core learning into their individual educational journeys.  The list below represents all of the areas covered by NUpath. Based on their major students will complete some of these requirements by following their regular curriculum.  Other requirements will be fulfilled by students electing to take courses which meets their interest and will likely fall outside of their major.   Students will work closely with their Academic Advisors throughout the year to determine the NUpath requirements not covered by the major curriculum and will be able elect specific courses of interest or perhaps even add a minor.

NUpath Requirements

  • Engaging with the Natural & Designed World (ND)
  • Exploring Creative Expression & Innovation (EI)
  • Interpreting Culture (IC)
  • Conducting Formal & Quantitative Reasoning (FQ)
  • Understanding Societies & Institutions (SI)
  • Analyzing & Using Data (AD)
  • Engaging Difference & Diversity (DD)
  • Employing Ethical Reasoning (ER)
  • Writing in the First Year (WF)
  • Advanced Writing in the Disciplines (WD)
  • Writing Intensive in the Major (WI)
  • Integrating Knowledge and Skills Through Experience (EX)
  • Demonstrating Thought and Action in a Capstone (CE)

To learn more about NUpath and the individual requirements please visit NUpath Students & Advisors

Student Example

A biology student, will automatically fulfill Engaging with the Natural & Designed World (ND) and Conducting Formal & Quantitative Reasoning (FQ) by taking BIOL1111 General Biology 1 and MATH1251 Calculus with Differential Equations for Biology 1 during their first year.  Additionally, ENGW1111 College Writing, taken by all GSP students in the spring fulfills Writing in the First Year (WF).  A requirement not automatically fulfilled by the biology curriculum is Interpreting Culture (IC), so the student may elect to take MUSC1110 Music in Popular Culture.