Class Schedules

Generally GSP students will take at least five courses each semester (a minimum of 17 credits):

  • four 4-credit courses
  • one 1-credit first-year seminar

Students interested in science, engineering, or architecture will have additional credits for labs and studio times and may have as many as 19 or 20 credits per semester.

All GSP students are pre-registered for some of their courses before they attend an orientation session based on their academic track. These courses are required for the student’s intended major , GSP, and/or NUpath. Students should not adjust these courses as they are necessary for successful completion of the first year and ultimate matriculation to sophomore status in the student’s intended major.  During orientation each student will meet with their advisor one-on-one to review and adjust this schedule as needed.  GSP works closely with the athletics department to build class schedules around practice and travel schedules.

Possible Pre-Registered Courses for Fall

Mathematics Course (4-credits) – Many students will take a math course during their first semester.  This course may change, depending on the student’s level of readiness and/or intended major. This adjustment will be made when students meet with an advisor during their orientation session.  Other students may not take a math course until their sophomore year or later or may meet the NUpath requirements of Analyzing & Using Data (AD) and/or Conducting Formal & Quantitative Reasoning (FQ) by taking other coursework outside of math.

First-Year Seminar (1-credit) – All students at NU take a first-year seminar.  In GSP this course is GENS1101 – Transitional Learning Community. This year-long seminar meets once a week and is required.  It is taught by the student’s GSP academic advisor. Seminars are organized by Learning Communities and offer a valuable opportunity for students to develop peer groups with like interests.

First-Year Writing Course (4-credits) – All students at NU take a college writing course. GSP students take two writing courses ENGW1110 Introduction to First-Year Writing in the fall and ENGW1111 College Writing in the spring semester.  Students with AP/IB/college credit for either course will have their schedule adjusted during orientations.

Major Course(s) (4-credits) – All students will take at least one required course for their intended major.

NUpath Course(s) (4-credits) – Some students will take a course which fulfills one of the NUpath general education requirements, based on their intended major.  In some majors NUpath requirements are met by major courses, in other majors students will have the option to take any course(s) that meets the requirements and is of interest to them.  Students on the Undecided track may take one or more courses which allow them to explore certain majors while also completing NUpath requirements.