The courses GSP students take serve a two-fold purpose: to fulfill general first-year requirements and to ensure students’ readiness for success in upper-class study. The main four classes that a student takes each semester are a combination of:

  • GSP Required Courses  (TLC Seminar and Writing Courses)
  • NUpath General Education Requirements for all students
  • Major Requirements based on their GSP Academic Track

The academic tracks within GSP are:

  • Arts, Media & Design
  • Business Administration (all concentrations)
  • Computer & Information Science
  • Engineering (all majors)
  • Health Sciences (includes physical therapy, nursing, health science, and pharmacy)
  • Science (includes all lab sciences, as well as psychology and linguistics)
  • Social Sciences & Humanities
  • Undecided (for students unsure of their direction or deciding between several possible majors)

The courses students take in each academic track are the same courses taken by students directly admitted to the majors.  For example, GSP students who wish to enter the D’Amore-McKim School of Business will travel with their fellow business track students through several of their required courses. This allows students to build a peer group with similar academic goals and interests, and to develop study groups around shared courses.  Only the TLC Seminar and writing courses taken by GSP students are specific to our program.