Strategic Thinking and Learning Seminar

GSP students take two Strategic Thinking and Learning (GENS 1101 & 1102) seminars. These seminars are unique to the General Studies Program and help students develop their skills in critical thinking, time managament, note-taking, test taking, and group presentations. STL courses are taught by the student’s GSP academic advisor. Peer mentors (students who have matriculated into their major) attend the seminar and are available to assist students both inside and outside of the classroom with such things as learning how to use the DARS audit system and how to select courses for registration. The peer mentors also offer valuable tips on such things as: managing time; balancing academic and social life; and navigating the NU and Boston communities. GSP advisors meet with students each week in class and during regular conference hours. As both instructor and advisor, STL faculty are able to familiarize themselves with students’ academic strengths and weaknesses, and help students achieve their highest academic potential.