Excellence In Writing

Robert Kwasny

GSP student Robert Kwasny examines the issue of free will through the framework of  Susan Griffin’s essay “Our Secret.” Exploring Griffin’s ideas, along with his own grandfather’s history growing up during WW II, Kwasney argues that those who believe they are the architects of their own destiny may be fooling themselves… Focusing on content rather than the underlying […]

Chelsea Hudson

Dave Eggars’ non-fiction book, Zeitoun, looks at one family’s struggles in the face of  Hurricane Katrina.  In the following excerpt, English 1110 student, Chelsea Hudson, using Eggars’ book as a model, writes of her own experience with natural disaster–the 2009 ice storms that knocked out power to parts of MA and NH for 2 weeks.  Everything would be white. […]

Marc Lavarin

In Marc Lavarin’s final reflection essay written for his English 1110 class, he examines the things he has learned about writing that he will take with him from the class. In particular, he examines the value of learning to “take risks.” Taking the risk. Being in Introduction to Writing is what taking risks is all […]

Harrison Brown

In Harrison Brown’s student essay, Prisoners of Pokémon, he uses ideas from Michel Foucault’s essay “Panoptcism” to re-read his youthful infatuation with all things Pokémon. Through his reflections, Brown discovers that a “simple” childhood game has had long reaching repercussions that are still echoing in his life today. Brown wrote this essay for his English […]