Chelsea Hudson

Dave Eggars’ non-fiction book, Zeitoun, looks at one family’s struggles in the face of  Hurricane Katrina.  In the following excerpt, English 1110 student, Chelsea Hudson, using Eggars’ book as a model, writes of her own experience with natural disaster–the 2009 ice storms that knocked out power to parts of MA and NH for 2 weeks. 

Everything would be white. Some would call it a winter wonderland. The trees and roads would all be covered with a few inches of snow. The lake would be ready to skate on. Best of all, it would be a snow day. Everyone at Lunenburg High School would stay in and get a chance to harness some much needed sleep. Chelsea would get up late and sit on the couch and watch the 25 Days of Christmas with her sisters. It would be a time to kick back and to catch up on some studying before midterms. It would be a relaxing day; there would be nothing to worry about.

For the remainder of the day Chelsea was lazy, trying to recover from the brutal track practice she was put through the day before. She remained sedentary on the couch reviewing for her junior year Physics midterm and listening to her brothers outside fighting with each other and throwing snowballs around.
December 11, 2008
    After yet another day of classes, she crawled into bed hoping there would be no school in the morning. Soon she drifted off, but was awoken by the sound of thunder and flashes of lightning and it became hard to seep.

December 12, 2008
    She kept looking at her phone periodically in the morning in hopes for the familiar school closing text alert from the weather channel to appear. It finally came just before six:

Snow Day Alert: Lunenburg Schools cancelled

Yesss. She felt relieved and fell back asleep.

It wasn’t long before Johanna came into her room followed by her energetic golden retriever (both of whom have no sense of personal space) and jumped onto her bed to wake her. Jo was excited to have no school again. Even though this nine year old was in love with school, she was glad about missing her homework. She told Chelsea that the power was out and that she had to get up and look outside.

Chelsea does not like the snow very much and is not a winter person to say the least. She belongs on the beach down in Miami or anywhere far away from the cold weather. However, one of her favorite things to do it to go outside and look at the fresh snow right after a storm. She loves how clean, fresh and at peace everything looks, but this only lasts a few hours. As the day moves on, it become tracked with mud and the  picturesque moment is gone.

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