Achieving Sophomore Status

The General Studies Program, in partnership with all NU colleges, has established the following criteria for students’ successful transition to sophomore standing. Please see your GSP advisor for further details about additional requirements for particular majors:

1. 2.0 GPA*
2. minimum of 28 semester hours (32 are recommended)
3. successful completion of  the college/major specific criteria for the intended major

4. completion of the GSP Sophomore Petition Form with a GSP advisor

In their spring semester, GSP students meet with representatives from various NU colleges or programs to help prepare students for their transition into their desired major. These meetings help GSP students become acquainted with the faculty, academic advisors, and co-op advisors in the majors or colleges they hope to enter in their sophomore year. GSP advisors are well versed in all the transition requirements students need to know, and will offer guidance throughout the year to help students enter the major that is right for them.

Students unable to meet the requirements for successful transition into the college/major of their choice at the end of the freshman year may remain with the General Studies Program for an additional semester. For more details about these options, please see “Entrance Requirements to Colleges.”