The Graduate Senate

The Graduate Senate is the representative body for all graduate students at Northeastern University. It is the liaison between the graduate student body and the university administration. The Graduate Senate serves as a forum for the communication of graduate students’ concerns and needs. It promotes the enhancement of graduate student life.

GSG Senate Membership for 2014-15 will be updated soon.

GSG is pleased to recognize the membership of the Graduate Senate for 2013-2014 as well as the college and department of each of our Senators. We thank them for their contribution in graduate student life at Northeastern. Membership details for 2013-14 as below.

College of Arts, Media & Design (1/2)

Cory Lamz*

D’Amore-McKim School of Business (8/25)

Laura Valerio Fortuna
Jinqing Li
Shu Liu
Amelia Mochny
Alexander Rokowski
Yuhang Shu
Zhenyuan Xie
Junyu Zhou

College of Computer and Information Science (0/10)

College of Engineering (18/25)

Adedokun Adedoyin
Adedayo Adeniran-Catlett
Tarun Reddy Aleti
Kledio Bacci
Hari Chauhan
Sampada Gole
Waqas Idrees
Yao Liu
Farimah Mapar
Mayur Narang
Mitasvil Patel
Keerthana Padmaja
Pooja Prabhu
Theja Putta
Foram Shah
Meenakshi Pammi Udhayakumar
David Walsh
Fan Xu

Bouvé College of Health Sciences (5/25)

Janice Ferreira
Courtland James
Jack Korpob
Genevieve Krebs
Bianca Poindexter

School of Law (3/9)

Julio Guillen
Cory Lamz*
Shane Riehl

College of Science (2/6)

Rohan Gala
Lara Lewis

College of Social Sciences & Humanities (3/7)

Rini Ghosh
Jessica Hubbard
Vijayeta Singh

*Dual Senator (in certain instances, these senators will represent two bodies, but will only receive one vote total).

All graduate students are warmly invited to apply to become Senators and serve Northeastern’s graduate student community. Please fill out a nomination form on OrgSync if you would like to join the GSG this year by clicking HERE.

Updated November 6, 2013