Student Group Funding

Steps to Get Student Group Funding

  1. Please read the GSG Group Funding Policy.
  2. Discuss your funding request with your Center for Student Involvement program manager (Steph Pierce,, 617-373-2642).
  3. Once you have a clear plan and idea of what funding will be necessary in order to hold a successful event, submit the online Group Funding Application on OrgSync.
  4. The form will be sent to your program manager for review. If everything looks good from an event-planning standpoint, your program manager will send their approval to the GSG.
  5. You will also need to have your advisor send along their approval of the request to the GSG (
  6. At that point, the GSG Finance Committee will review the application and issue a determination via email.


  1. Grad Leadership Council Meeting – 2013 Fall (run through of group funding process)
  2. Event Planning 101 (basic run-through of event planning at NEU)