Executive Board

The Executive Board is the senior leadership of the Graduate Student Government. Its serves as the liaison of the Graduate Senate to the university administration, and brings before the Graduate Senate proposals for discussion and debate.

The Executive Board is responsible for managing and coordinating programs, projects, and activities approved by the Senate. It is also the duty of the Executive Board to communicate all relevant and ongoing business to the Graduate Senate.

It consists of six officers that are elected by the Graduate Senate to serve one-year appointments. Each officer is elected annually by the Graduate Senate in April elections. The duties and responsibilities of each officer are delineated in the Graduate Student Government’s Constitution and the Executive Board By-Laws.

Executive Board Officers for 2013-2014



Courtland James
M.S. Student, College Student Development & Counseling, Bouvé College of Health Sciences, 2014

Greetings! I am your GSG President for 2013-2014 academic year! I first got involved as a senator, then I was elected to Vice President of Finance. I currently serve as your President.

GSG is in the process of remodeling & re-branding and the theme for this year be ” Under Construction: Building a Stronger Community”.  We welcome all to be a part of this exciting change.

I will be working at Tufts University in the Office of Campus Life and the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR).


Vice President of Student Affairs


Ranjini (Rini) Ghosh
3rd Year PhD Student, Law & Public Policy, College of Social Sciences & Humanities

My name is Rini, and I am entering my 3rd year of my PhD program in the Department of Law and Public Policy. I am Canadian by birth and Indian of origin. I went to the University of Toronto for my Bachelors, where I was extremely involved in student politics as President of the Faculty Student Council for 2 years and the university-wide student union for a year. After I graduated I ran for public office in the Ontario Provincial elections and Canadian Federal elections respectively. My current research work focuses on healthcare related policy-making.

My hobbies include -  politics, reading, singing, dancing and cooking.

I believe that one must take an interest in their surroundings and the community they live in, in order to live a holistic existence. This is why I got involved in the GSG as soon as I got my bearings in my new home – the city of Boston. I really do hope that we will get to meet you and your friends at one of our many events that we are planning this year. Please feel free to drop by the office during our office hours to  let us know if you have any suggestions, questions or even if you feel like a quick chat. I personally, would love to meet graduate students at NEU and work on building a strong graduate student community together.


Vice President of Academic Affairs


Lara Lewis
Ph.D Student, Biology (Neuroscience and Genetics), College of Science, 2015

I am a PhD student in Biology, specializing in neuroscience and genetics. As the Vice President of Academic Affairs, I am committed to enhancing the educational and intellectual experience of graduate students at Northeastern University.

I am also dedicated to improving scientific literacy and education in under-served communities through participating in K-12 programs such as the Science Club for Girls, Cambridge Science Festival, and Girls Inc. I have recently been recognized for my scholastic aptitude and volunteer efforts with a Jordan Viders Scholarship, and the Graduate Student Award in Community Service. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Bucknell University, and I’m now a pre-doctoral researcher with Dr. Joseph Ayers at the Northeastern University Marine Science Center.


Vice President of Finance

jonJonathan Whitson
J.D. Student, School of Law


My name is Jon Whitson and I’m the Vice President of Finance for spring 2014. I am originally from Poughkeepsie, NY, and moved to Boston three years ago. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Hartford and recently completed my Master of Business Administration from Northeastern University. I am currently a first year law student and look forward to applying my Juris Doctor to the business world.

As the Vice President of Finance I will commit my term to bolstering transparency regarding the organization’s finances, balancing the annual budget, growing the input by the finance committee, and revitalizing GSG’s funding policies to improve the process of requesting and reimbursing funding.

I’m extremely excited to be joining the Graduate Student Government this year and look forward to the work ahead within my position.


Vice President of Media and Membership


Pongpunya (Jack) Korpob
M.S. Student, College Student Development & Counseling, Bouvé College of Health Sciences, 2014

Hello! I’m Jack Korpob and I am the VP of Media & Membership for 2013-2014! I did my undergrad at the University of California San Diego in Psychology B.S. I was heavily involved as a Coordinator and Site Leader for 3 years in the Alternative Breaks@UCSD program and helped raise money for student scholarships with the UCSD Student Foundation. I came to Boston to complete two years of AmeriCorps volunteer service with City Year Boston. I started as a senator this past academic year and liked hearing about the concerns of graduate students and how we could address them. Graduate student life is important to me because I not only spend my time and resources to attend school here at Northeastern University, but I value feeling connected to fellow students in my program and other programs. I hope to eventually work at a university or college setting and serve students professionally.

This year, I hope to garner more support of GSG by increasing the amount of active senators. I hope to increase the visibility of GSG by utilizing our social media outlets, actively recruit senators year round, and create a community within GSG that can extend outwards to the larger graduate student community.

I will be working at MIT as a Resident Advisor to the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, Brandeis University in the Department of Community Service, and Bay State College in the Office of Career Services. In my free time (when I have free time), I enjoy anything on HBO (especially Game of Thrones), watching endless NetFlix, reading, cooking, and volunteering my time with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Boston.


Vice President of Programs and Administration

MitMitasvil (Mit) Patel
M.S. Student, Engineering Management (College of Engineering), 2015

Hello! I am Mitasvil Patel and I am the current VP of Programs and Administration for the year 2013-2014. I have done my Undergrad in Electrical & Electronics from BITS, Pilani India where I was actively involved with the Student’s Union and various Administrative Student Bodies. I have held many positions of responsibilities such as the President of the Advisory and Monitoring Committee, BITS Dining Services and the head of the Administrative Services for the Annual Sports meet of our University .I joined Northeastern University in Fall 2013 in the Master’s Program in Engineering Management.

My interest in Management and Administration drove me to join the GSG. I joined the Graduate Student Government in fall 2013 as a senator and since then I have been active in the Finance and Programs Committee. I believe that the Graduate student life at Northeastern should be more vibrant and there should be more interaction and involvement of fellow students in all the activities. I aim to achieve that by organizing various events between different Colleges and groups which fosters a more robust environment between all the graduate students. If you have any questions or any ideas regarding organizing events aimed towards the improvement of the Graduate community please drop by the GSG office in my office hours or send me a mail.

We have a lot of events lined up for the semester and we hope to see you soon!