Executive Board 2014-15




Ranjini (Rini) Ghosh
Ph.D. Student, Law & Public Policy, College of Social Sciences & Humanities

My name is Rini, and I am entering my 3rd year of my PhD program in the Department of Law and Public Policy. I am Canadian by birth and Indian of origin. I went to the University of Toronto for my Bachelors, where I was extremely involved in student politics as President of the Faculty Student Council for 2 years and the university-wide student union for a year. After I graduated I ran for public office in the Ontario Provincial elections and Canadian Federal elections respectively. My current research work focuses on healthcare related policy-making.

My hobbies include –  politics, reading, singing, dancing and cooking.

I believe that one must take an interest in their surroundings and the community they live in, in order to live a holistic existence. This is why I got involved in the GSG as soon as I got my bearings in my new home – the city of Boston. I really do hope that we will get to meet you and your friends at one of our many events that we are planning this year. Please feel free to drop by the office during our office hours to  let us know if you have any suggestions, questions or even if you feel like a quick chat. I personally, would love to meet graduate students at NEU and work on building a strong graduate student community together.


Vice President of Student Affairs

JH Pic

Jessica Hubbard
Master of Public Administration, Student, College of Social Sciences & Humanities

Greetings! My name is Jessica and I am entering my 2nd year of my Masters program for Public Administration. This year I will be serving as the Vice President for Student Affairs. I attended the University of Rhode Island for my Bachelors Degree in Writing & Rhetoric and Political Science with a concentration in American Government. From there I decided to transition directly into the MPA program at Northeastern as my Masters program allows me to take a practical approach to my Undergraduate studies and to explore all areas of the American Public Sector. I am extremely excited to be actively engaged with Northeastern graduate students through the GSG. I thoroughly enjoy that my position with the GSG allows for outreach and establishment of new graduate groups within the Northeastern community.
When I came to Northeastern in the Fall of 2013 I quickly felt at home here. I joined the Graduate Student Government as a Senator to make new friends and give back to the Northeastern community. During my time as a Senator I learned about the graduate students at Northeastern and decided that the VP of Student Affairs would be the best position for me to assist fellow graduate students pursue their endeavors. It is my hope and ambition to help every graduate student feel the same welcoming atmosphere that I did when starting here at Northeastern.
In my spare time I enjoy driving, reading, singing, and going to the beach.


Vice President of Academic Affairs

lara headshot 2014

Lara Lewis
Ph.D. Student, Biology (Neuroscience and Genetics), College of Science, 2015

I am the Vice President of Academic Affairs for the graduate student senate. I serve as an advocate for the academic and research interests of graduate students at Northeastern University and work to enhance the educational and intellectual experience of our graduate student population. In this role, we have established budget priorities with the senior leadership at Northeastern University, developed a fellowship database with the Provost for Graduate Education, and created the Graduate Innovator Award with the Center for Research and Innovation (just to name a few!). I am excited to continue this momentum for the 2014-2015 academic year! My work serving both the Northeastern community, as well as my volunteer work in K-12 STEM education, was recognized with the Outstanding Graduate Student Award in Community Service in 2012.

I am a PhD candidate in Biology, specializing in neuroscience and genetics. My dissertation research addresses the role of hormones in regulating changes in gene expression, and how gene expression shapes the activity of the nervous system. You can learn more about my research here, or read live updates on the College of Science graduate research blog.


Vice President of Finance

Headshot_Laura Valerio Fortuna

Laura Valerio Fortuna
M.S in Taxation (MST), D’Amore McKim School of Business, 2015

I am the VP of Finance for the year 2014-2015. I am pursuing Master of Science in Taxation at the D’Amore McKim School of Business. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. I also lived in Switzerland and the U.S. Virgin Islands. I received my undergraduate degree in Business Administration/Accounting from Salem State University. As an undergraduate, I worked as an accounting tutor and as a volunteer tax preparer for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA).

As the new VP of Finance, I look forward to engaging more senators in the finance matters of our organization, to improve the efficiency of our funding process, and to be a resource to the graduate community at Northeastern.


Vice President of Media and Membership


Vijayeta Singh
Ph.D. Student, Law & Public Policy, College of Social Sciences & Humanities

Hello! I am from the state of Bihar in India, a region known for rich cultural heritage and great historical significance but one that has been stigmatized for lack of growth and development. Growing up, I have witnessed around me, multi-dimensional impacts of poverty and lack of education across different sections of the society. To me, education is one of the most empowering experiences any individual can go through in a lifetime and I feel extremely privileged to have gone through one.

I did my Masters at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India, in Social Entrepreneurship. I have over three years of experience working with international development organizations on issues that impact lives and livelihoods of poor and/or vulnerable communities across geographies in India. I have worked very closely with cycle-rickshaw pullers in India and studied the nuances of cycle-rickshaw industry and its implications on the economy. As Ashoka Youth Venture Fellow, I founded ‘My Education My Voice’ that worked on bringing in student voice in education reform. I started my Ph.D. at the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern in 2013 and my research looks at the politics of Eminent Domain and Land Acquisition.

Having already done my Masters, I am quite familiar with graduate student life and the issues that come with it. To me, work-study-life balance is at the heart of any graduate student life, particularly in the US where a large number of students have jobs and work in different capacities. Therefore, it is important that the campus life provides enough space and opportunities to graduate students in unique ways so that they can maneuver through their graduate student lifespans with ease. I joined GSG as a Senator to be better informed about graduate student activities and contribute to its development in ways I could. Later, I stood for and was elected as the VP of Media and Membership with the objective of availing better avenues for contributing to the development of graduate student body on campus, particularly on the communications front. Through this role, I will represent the voices of graduate student community and convey their issues and concerns on a regular basis.

I am very fond of traveling and cooking. I swim, dance, run, gym etc. to be fit and peaceful. I believe in spirituality and connecting with the greater force in our lives.


Vice President of Programs and Administration


Mitasvil (Mit) Patel
M.S. Student, Engineering Management (College of Engineering), 2015

Hello! I am Mitasvil Patel and I am the current VP of Programs and Administration for the year 2013-2014. I have done my Undergrad in Electrical & Electronics from BITS, Pilani India where I was actively involved with the Student’s Union and various Administrative Student Bodies. I have held many positions of responsibilities such as the President of the Advisory and Monitoring Committee, BITS Dining Services and the head of the Administrative Services for the Annual Sports meet of our University .I joined Northeastern University in Fall 2013 in the Master’s Program in Engineering Management.

My interest in Management and Administration drove me to join the GSG. I joined the Graduate Student Government in fall 2013 as a senator and since then I have been active in the Finance and Programs Committee. I believe that the Graduate student life at Northeastern should be more vibrant and there should be more interaction and involvement of fellow students in all the activities. I aim to achieve that by organizing various events between different Colleges and groups which fosters a more robust environment between all the graduate students. If you have any questions or any ideas regarding organizing events aimed towards the improvement of the Graduate community please drop by the GSG office in my office hours or send me a mail.

We have a lot of events lined up for the semester and we hope to see you soon!