Graduate Student Government (GSG)




Ranjini (Rini) Ghosh
Ph.D. Student, Law & Public Policy, College of Social Sciences & Humanities

My name is Rini, and I am entering my 3rd year of my PhD program in the Department of Law and Public Policy. I am Canadian by birth and Indian of origin. I went to the University of Toronto for my Bachelors, where I was extremely involved in student politics as President of the Faculty Student Council for 2 years and the university-wide student union for a year. After I graduated I ran for public office in the Ontario Provincial elections and Canadian Federal elections respectively. My current research work focuses on healthcare related policy-making.

My hobbies include –  politics, reading, singing, dancing and cooking.

I believe that one must take an interest in their surroundings and the community they live in, in order to live a holistic existence. This is why I got involved in the GSG as soon as I got my bearings in my new home – the city of Boston. I really do hope that we will get to meet you and your friends at one of our many events that we are planning this year. Please feel free to drop by the office during our office hours to  let us know if you have any suggestions, questions or even if you feel like a quick chat. I personally, would love to meet graduate students at NEU and work on building a strong graduate student community together.


Vice President of Student Affairs


Adriana Boulin
Master of Public Health, Student, Bouve College of Health Sciences

Adrianna is a native of Massachusetts, but is of Jamaican ethnic background. She achieved her undergraduate degree from Emmanuel College where she double majored in Biology and International Studies. Currently she is enrolled in a Master of Public Health program with a concentration in urban health here at Northeastern University. Adrianna serves as the Vice-President of Student Affairs for the Graduate Student Government at Northeastern University. She also works as an intern for the organization, Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R), in Education and Professional Development.

Adrianna is very big on community service both locally and globally. At the age of seventeen she founded her own non-profit organization called, JAMAKIN ME SMART, with the purpose of raising monetary funds and in-kind school supply donations for Jamaican students, and supporting programs geared toward the positive self-development of youth. Fun fact, she has been blessed with the opportunity to have traveled all around the United States and has been to three countries in Africa, three countries in Europe and two countries in the Caribbean.


Vice President of Academic Affairs


David Walsh
Ph.D. Student, Bioengineering, College of Engineering, 2016

I am a microfluidics engineer developing new, simple and low-cost diagnostic tools for disease management and personalized medicine.  My interests include improving science communication (blogging) and promoting stronger academic communities (student government).  I also volunteer as an event organizer for my undergraduate institution (Rensselaer) Boston alumni chapter.

As the Vice President of Academic Affairs, I aim to improve and stand up for the academic and research interests of Northeastern’s graduate community.  My goals during my tenure are creating an improved newsletter to most effectively give graduate students information about the resources available to them, promoting applications to national fellowships and scholarships through workshops and peer-reviewing groups, and developing a more targeted graduate student survey to instigate meaningful change.  Please feel free to reach out to me; I look forward to serving you this year.


Vice President of Finance

Bashir Martin

Bashir Martin
M.A. in Public Administration, School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs

Hi Folks! My name is Bashir Martin and I am the VP of Finance for the year 2015-2016.  I am pursuing a Master in Public Administration through the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs. I’m from South Florida and ended up in Boston a year and a half ago. I obtained my undergraduate degree in International Relations at Florida International University. As to my interests and hobbies, I enjoy hiking, reading history, dancing to Latin music, volunteering, laughter, putting a smile on someone’s face and appreciating the small gifts that surround us in this life.


Vice President of Media and Membership


Vijayeta Singh
Ph.D. Student, Law & Public Policy, College of Social Sciences & Humanities

Hello! I am from the state of Bihar in India, a region known for rich cultural heritage and great historical significance but one that has been stigmatized for lack of growth and development. Growing up, I have witnessed around me, multi-dimensional impacts of poverty and lack of education across different sections of the society. To me, education is one of the most empowering experiences any individual can go through in a lifetime and I feel extremely privileged to have gone through one.

I did my Masters at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India, in Social Entrepreneurship. I have over three years of experience working with international development organizations on issues that impact lives and livelihoods of poor and/or vulnerable communities across geographies in India. I have worked very closely with cycle-rickshaw pullers in India and studied the nuances of cycle-rickshaw industry and its implications on the economy. As Ashoka Youth Venture Fellow, I founded ‘My Education My Voice’ that worked on bringing in student voice in education reform. I started my Ph.D. at the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern in 2013 and my research looks at the politics of Eminent Domain and Land Acquisition.

Having already done my Masters, I am quite familiar with graduate student life and the issues that come with it. To me, work-study-life balance is at the heart of any graduate student life, particularly in the US where a large number of students have jobs and work in different capacities. Therefore, it is important that the campus life provides enough space and opportunities to graduate students in unique ways so that they can maneuver through their graduate student lifespans with ease. I joined GSG as a Senator to be better informed about graduate student activities and contribute to its development in ways I could. Later, I stood for and was elected as the VP of Media and Membership with the objective of availing better avenues for contributing to the development of graduate student body on campus, particularly on the communications front. Through this role, I will represent the voices of graduate student community and convey their issues and concerns on a regular basis.

I am very fond of traveling and cooking. I swim, dance, run, gym etc. to be fit and peaceful. I believe in spirituality and connecting with the greater force in our lives.


Vice President of Programs and Administration


Andres Breton
M.S. Bioinformatics, College of Science

One of the first things I noticed when I started at Northeastern was that more could be done for graduate students. That is why I decided to become a Senator in the Graduate Student Government, and now as VP of Programs and Administration, my goal is to invigorate the Graduate Student life by creating a more vibrant and engaged community. I aim to create fun activities and entertaining events that all graduate students can participate and enjoy.

I’m from Colombia, so I like spending my time creating memorable moments with people. I love engaging in conversations and fostering a personal connection with others. If you don’t find me out running by the Charles, I spend my time programming and coding my ideas.

I aspire to learn, research, and discover novel knowledge that can revolutionize the way we see and treat disease. I want to contribute to personalized medicine and have a positive impact in other people’s lives. Recognizing the immense potential of developing computational tools enabling us to answer key biological questions motivates me to keep expanding my understandings of the world around us and mastering software programming.

We have a lot of events lined up for you this semester and we hope to see you soon! Don’t hesitate to contact me with any ideas, or just say hi if you see me around!