Recap: Exploring Collaborations Conference and GAMES Initiative Breakout Sessions

On Wednesday, December 4th The National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) hosted their conference Exploring Collaborations: Successful Strategies for Increasing Equity and Access to STEM (PNW Collaborates). Here is a summary and some take away points from the day: 

  • There was an incredible breath and depth of education leadership, common experience, and commitment to STEM learning and engaging girls.
  • Diversity was a persistent topic; one key point made was that people from diverse backgrounds must be making the decisions, not just presented with them at the end to review.
  • The conference was a great networking opportunity and we met many leaders in the STEM and girls advocacy world.
  • Our GAMES Initiative break sessions were interesting especially because of the amount of non-gamers that really got what we were trying to do. Gamification is a know technique for accomplishing the GAMES Initiative and NGCP goals.
  • We significantly grew the GAMES Initiative network with girls, gaming, and STEM expertise to refine our thought strategies and heard many additional, unique perspectives.

For a more in depth play-by-play review, read on:

The NGCP brings together organizations throughout the United States that are committed to informing and encouraging girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). PNW Collaborates was a full-day conference of inspiring panels and thought-provoking sessions. We explored new research, learned about new initiatives, shared vital resources, and connected with community partners. Over 125 people from regional non-profit groups and school made for exciting opportunities to network and discuss joining forces on initiatives to increase girls’ advocacy and interest in STEM.

Girls Perspective Pannel
Girls Perspective Pannel

To start off the day Karen Peterson, Principal Investigator of The NGCP gave opening remarks and welcomed the participants to the conference. Then Jenny Lay-Furrie, Senior Director, Accessibly & Customer Partner Advocacy of Microsoft gave the opening welcome remarks regarding accessibility and advocacy. Next we heard from the “Girl Perspective” panel, a group of young ladies that talked about their interest and involvement in STEM at. One woman, Mayukha Vadari, a sophomore at Redmond HS said this, “In 4th grade the math club was half girls, by 8th grade I was the only girl.” Her and others comments made us laugh and think. Continue reading

Neighborhood Series: University District

The University District, commonly the U-District is so named because it contains the main campus of the University of Washington (The U). Westerners first settled the area in 1867; at that time it was its own municipality and named Brooklyn. The area was annexed by the city of Seattle in 1891, and the University of Washington moved there from Downtown in 1893.

Today the U-District is characterized by the large student populations that attend the University of Washington, 39,250 students. Because of this population there are many services that cater to a younger college-aded population. These include vintage clothing stores, cafes, and great cheap lunch spots.

The University of Washington campus is very beautiful. Pictures often depict blooming tries in the spring and showcase the views of Mt. Rainer. The area is also well known for its large array of Greek life and “Frat Row”.


Seattle Campus Blog in the Works

There is a very exciting new addition coming to the Seattle Campus. We are in the process of creating a new student-centered blog. Posts on the blog will come from a variety of sources including: students, faculty, staff, co-ops, and industry representatives.

The blog will feature content that is centered around students/prospective students. Some topics that are in the works include:

  • 5 Examples Of Great Leadership
  • Ask The Career Counselor Section
  • How To Leverage A Northeastern Education To Advance Your Career
  • Day In The Life Of A Seattle Co-Op

Look for more announcements about the blog coming soon. Our expected launch is the beginning of 2014.

Any suggestions for a name?

Graduate Student Newsletter Launches!

Graduate students now have their very own newsletter that will come out every other Monday. The first newsletter came out October 21st, and the next will be coming out soon. You can check out the last newsletter here.

Want to be kept in the loop? You can sign up to receive future editions of the newsletter here.

Don’t miss out on valuable news and announcement from Northeastern, specifically relevant to Graduate students.

Seattle Adds Graduate Certificate Programs

Northeastern University – Seattle has announced the addition of graduate certificates to its expanding list of programs. 

It’s a step that advances the university’s long-standing commitment to meeting the academic needs and career demands of the regional workforce. The addition of graduate certificate programs offers both working professionals and job seekers the opportunity to pursue specialized, advanced study that will enhance their existing knowledge and skills, facilitate the development new skills, boost career potential, and serve as a gateway to a Northeastern master’s degree program.

The Northeastern University – Seattle graduate certificate programs are:

•  Comprised of four to six graduate-level courses focused on a specific concentration within a field of study.

•  Aligned with high-demand industries in the Seattle area including healthcare, education, game design, leadership, and more.

•  Offered 100% online or in a blend of online and on-campus learning. (Not all programs are delivered in both formats.  Check specific certificate programs for details.)

•  Available now.

To learn more and to see the full lineup of certificate programs, click here.

Biotechnology is Coming to Seattle, Time to Celebrate

Seattle is proud to be celebrating the launch of the Master of Science in Biotechnology degree program at our Campus. The event will feature remarks by Dr. Jim Leung, Academic Director of Biotechnology programs, and by the Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association (WBBA).

The MS in Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary degree offered through a collaboration of Northeastern’s College of Science and Bouvé College of Health Sciences, combining advanced training in biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, and pharmaceutical science with the development of high-value business skills critical to success in the today’s dynamic workplace. As a non-thesis professional degree, students leverage hands-on, project-driven lab experience and independent opportunities to integrate classroom study with practical professional experience.

The event will feature a combination of prospective students and members of the life sciences fields to help welcome this exciting degree to the region. Seattle is a hub for life sciences with companies such as The Institute for Systems Biology, Amgen, Novo Nordisk, and many more.

Much of the industry in region came out to the WBBA’s Life Science Northwest Conference that Northeastern sponsored in June.

Graduate Campuses Website Redesigns: Phase 1

The Seattle Campus is in the process of giving our website a facelift!  While our website was originally designed for branding and those seeking information about the campus, it is now being restructured to accommodate our current student body.  As we now have over 100 students we have begun to consider ways to update our site to make it more student-friendly, with additional recommendations from our local PR firm and Northeastern’s new national marketing partner Michael Walters.

The updates will occur in two phases. The first phase is currently in the works and the prospective launch is November 1st. A lot of these changes have to do with basic navigation and updates to our event page. We will be updating the event section of the website to the same tool as the University calendar. This allows the campus to maintain it’s own calendar and pull in any events from the ‘main’ University calendar as well. See an example of how College of Science has done it here:  ( The University calendar is here,

We will also be bringing in audience navigation. Each link in the audience navigation bar will link to a landing page, which will collect the links and information for that audience in one place for the user, ex. student tab with links to student information. Similar to the new University home page, but we will actually be linking off the page. One the bottom right of the home back there will be better integration of social media and news. You’ll see  social media integration in the bottom right, similar to the University home page, where you can scroll over the icon and pull in the content from the pages.

Exciting Boston Visitors for October

During October, the Seattle Campus will be hosting a series of events featuring special faculty guests. All of these events are program specific. Prospective students will have the opportunity to discuss in depth, particulars about many programs.Featured programs include: Masters and Doctorate of Education, Energy Systems, Engineering Management, Sports Leadership, Health Informatics, and Biotechnology. All of these programs are featuring specialty faculty members from the Boston Campus.

October 3 & 4: Master of Education and Doctor of Education

On Thursday, October 3, Northeastern University will be holding a reception on our Seattle campus at which you will have the opportunity to hear about our Master of Education and Doctor of Education programs.

The following day, Friday, October 4, we will be hosting a networking and discussion session about leading change specific to the region.

Both of these sessions will be hosted by Dr. Chris Unger, senior fellow and faculty member in the EdD program at Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies.

>> Click here for more information

October 15: MS Energy Systems, MS Engineering Management

Join us for a luncheon for prospective students interested in programs offered through Northeastern’s prestigious College of Engineering.  Conversation will be led by Dr. Tristan Johnson, Director of Online Education whose work in the college includes course development and industry partnerships.  The College of Engineering is home to numerous leading-edge projects and initiatives that advance discovery and new knowledge in health, technology, sustainability, and security.  Dr. Johnson will be introducing the Seattle campus’ two College of Engineering programs, Master of Science in Energy Systems &  Master of Science in Engineering Management. Dr. Johnson will be leading a program discussion and analysis for prospective students.

>> Click here for more information

October 16: MS Sports Leadership

Join us for a dinner for prospective Master of Sports Leadership students with conversation to be led by faculty member, Dr. Robert Prior. Dr. Prior has served as Director of Media Relations for the Boston Celtics, Director of Information & New Media for Major League Soccer, and the Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator for the Atlanta Braves. Dr. Prior later spent six years working in collegiate athletics at Nova Southeastern University, where he was Associate Director of Athletics Communications & External Operations.

>> Click here for more information

October 22: MS Health Informatics

Dan Feinberg, Director of the Master of Science in Health Informatics Program of Northeastern University’s College of Computer & Information Science will be visiting the Seattle Campus. Prospective students will have to opportunity for a special session.

>> Click here for more information

October 30: MS Biotechnology Launch Event

Jim Leung, Aca­d­emic Director of the Professional Science Masters Program in Biotech­nology Pro­gram of Northeastern University’s College of Science will be visiting the Seattle Campus to help launch the new MS Biotechnology program.

>> Event details are being confirmed; Check back for more information

Seattle’s New Coop Coordinator, Jennifer Youngblood

This week we welcomed an additional staff member to the Seattle Campus, Jennifer Youngblood.

Jennifer is the faculty Graduate Cooperative Education Coordinator for the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University – Seattle. Her background includes over 15 year of career counseling in higher education and private practice, as well as corporate HR. Jennifer has a BA and MA in History, a master’s certificate in Computer Programming, and MA coursework in Career Development. She is also MBTI Qualified and is a certified Distance Career Counselor.

Welcoming Fall Students/Orientation

Students learn about health plan options from Northeastern’s University Health and Counseling Services

The Seattle Campus is running hybrid classes this fall for our MS Computer Science and MS Computer Science ALIGN students. Last week we welcomed new and returning students to a series of social events and orientation presentations. Over 40 students attended all the events in total. The orientation activities included:

  • Video conferences from several Northeastern departments based in Boston such as Student Financial ServicesHealth ServicesIT Services, and Library Resources
  • A special break-out Computer Science Orientation led by Bryan Lackaye, EdD, Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs, College of Computer and Information Science
  • Advising and faculty meetings

There were also social events that the campus hosted including:

Students and members of the Seattle Team aboard a Duck Boat on Lake Union