Neighborhood Series: University District

The University District, commonly the U-District is so named because it contains the main campus of the University of Washington (The U). Westerners first settled the area in 1867; at that time it was its own municipality and named Brooklyn. The area was annexed by the city of Seattle in 1891, and the University of Washington moved there from Downtown in 1893.

Today the U-District is characterized by the large student populations that attend the University of Washington, 39,250 students. Because of this population there are many services that cater to a younger college-aded population. These include vintage clothing stores, cafes, and great cheap lunch spots.

The University of Washington campus is very beautiful. Pictures often depict blooming tries in the spring and showcase the views of Mt. Rainer. The area is also well known for its large array of Greek life and “Frat Row”.


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