Graduate Campuses Website Redesigns: Phase 1

The Seattle Campus is in the process of giving our website a facelift!  While our website was originally designed for branding and those seeking information about the campus, it is now being restructured to accommodate our current student body.  As we now have over 100 students we have begun to consider ways to update our site to make it more student-friendly, with additional recommendations from our local PR firm and Northeastern’s new national marketing partner Michael Walters.

The updates will occur in two phases. The first phase is currently in the works and the prospective launch is November 1st. A lot of these changes have to do with basic navigation and updates to our event page. We will be updating the event section of the website to the same tool as the University calendar. This allows the campus to maintain it’s own calendar and pull in any events from the ‘main’ University calendar as well. See an example of how College of Science has done it here:  ( The University calendar is here,

We will also be bringing in audience navigation. Each link in the audience navigation bar will link to a landing page, which will collect the links and information for that audience in one place for the user, ex. student tab with links to student information. Similar to the new University home page, but we will actually be linking off the page. One the bottom right of the home back there will be better integration of social media and news. You’ll see  social media integration in the bottom right, similar to the University home page, where you can scroll over the icon and pull in the content from the pages.

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