Neighborhood Series: Capitol Hill


Capitol Hill as seen from Queen Anne Hill

Capitol Hill as seen from Queen Anne Hill

Capitol Hill is the center of the city’s gay and counterculture communities, and is one of the city’s most prominent nightlife and entertainment districts. It also has a reputation as a bastion of musical culture in Seattle and is the neighborhood most closely associated with the grunge scene from the early 1990s.

There is some controversy over the naming of the area. The area was originally called “Broadway Hill” for its main thorough way. It was renamed by James A. Moore who developed much of the area. One story is that it was named hoping that the State government would move from Olympia (where it still remains). Another version is that it was named after Denver’s Capitol Hill, his wife’s home town.

The area remains one of Seattle’s wealthiest communities and the rents are rising quickly with the general gentrification of much of the city.

Since 1997, Capitol Hill has hosted the Capitol Hill Block Party, a three day music festival that takes place this weekend.

The area has one of the highest concentration of coffee shops per capita in the country and is also filled with many quality dining establishments.

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