Academic Portfolio

Charlotte Campus Seattle Campus
M.S. Project Management x x
M.S. Health Informatics x x
M. Education x x
M.S. Leadership x x
M. Sports Leadership x x
M.B.A. (Online) x x
M.S. Finance (Online) x x
M.S. Taxation (Online) x x
Doctor of Education x x
M.S. Information Assurance x x
M.S. Computer Science x x
M. Public Administration x x
Doctor of Nursing Practice x x
M.S. Regulatory Affairs, Drugs, Biologics and Medical Devices x x
M.S. Engineering Management x x
M.S. Energy Systems x x
P.S.M. Bioinformatics x
M.S. Non-Profit Management x
M.S. Criminal Justice Leadership x x
M.S. Human Services x
Doctor of Law and Policy x
Doctor of Physical Therapy (Transitional) x x
M.S. Commerce and Economic Development x
M.S. Corporate and Organizational Communication x
M.S. Global Studies and International Affairs x
M.P.S. Geographic Information Technology x
M.P.S. Informatics x
M.S. Technical Communications x