Regional Campuses

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A new educational approach to making industries and people more competitive

Northeastern has developed a distinctive new model for graduate and professional education—regional campuses and hubs that offer high-demand degree programs targeted to the needs of industry in those regions.

This innovative approach, which also fosters regionally focused research partnerships, is designed to expand education beyond the artificial boundaries of place. We are bringing the benefits of Northeastern’s engaged, experiential learning model to cities and regions, customized to meet their workforce and economic development needs.

Northeastern University opened its first regional campus in Charlotte, N.C., in October 2011. The second, in Seattle, opened in January 2013. An evolution of the campus model, based on a one-to-one collaboration with a select industry partner and offering degrees focused in that industry, opened in Silicon Valley in March 2015. The university will open its first international campus in Toronto in 2016.

Academic offerings to meet the needs of industry

The campuses in Charlotte and Seattle are offering a range of degree programs—including those in business, engineering, health sciences, and computer science—tailored to the demands of those regional economies. Our Silicon Valley technology hub, located in the San Jose, California, headquarters of our partner, Integrated Device Technology, offers degree programs in growing fields related to the region’s powerful technology sector. Northeastern faculty members teach these courses online and in a hybrid model integrating online and classroom learning.

Opening new avenues for research and innovation

Northeastern’s focus on solving global problems in health, security, and sustainability creates natural alignments with private-sector research priorities. The university’s presence in these high-growth regions of the country will expand opportunities for faculty members to partner with key companies on those priority projects, in fields such as information security and sustainable energy.

Engagement with the world

Northeastern’s leadership in experiential learning—the integration of classroom study with professional experience—provides a strong foundation for the university’s expansion to new regions. Northeastern has relationships with more than 3,000 employers, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and global NGOs. Experiential learning is built into our online and hybrid programs through professional co-op experiences, special projects, and curricular collaborations with industry.