Bringing Clinical Experience to the Classroom

Daniella Halperin

Daniella Halperin has devoted her time at Northeastern to combine two passions: counseling psychology and teaching. Alongside her enrollment in Bouvé’s Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program, Daniella has extensive clinical experience at several Boston-area facilities, including the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders at Boston University, the Massachusetts Mental Health Center and the UMass Lowell Counseling Center. In her work at these clinics, Daniella has worked one-on-one with patients, providing therapy and case management services.

In her course, Mental Health and Counseling, Daniella introduces students to counseling, psychotherapy, and the mental health field. She is known among her undergraduate students as a highly competent instructor whose able management of class discussions makes the complexities of mental health accessible to her students. With her deep knowledge of counseling psychology and experience in clinical settings, Daniella is able to provide students with real-world backing for the theories she discusses in the course. Daniella’s was recently awarded Northeastern’s Outstanding Graduate Student Award in recognition of her accomplishments as an instructor.