Audiologist Wins Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Alyssa Bonnette

Alyssa Bonnette has taken advantage of Northeastern’s Co-op programs to develop her workplace experience and professional reputation in the field of audiology. Alyssa was first admitted to Northeastern as an undergraduate student studying speech-language pathology and audiology. Alyssa went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude with a number of academic awards and subsequently returned to the University as a candidate for our Doctorate of Audiology degree at Bouvé College of Health Sciences, where she is a top-performing student and recent recipient of Northeastern’s Outstanding Graduate Student Award.

Alyssa has matched her record of high academic achievement at Bouvé with vital experience in the workplace. Through her externship at All Ears Hearing Center, Alyssa has received real-world administrative, diagnostic, and counseling experience while also building her ties in the audiology community. Alyssa is known among her colleagues as a hard worker with an impressive mastery of audiology techniques and a high degree of versatility which suit her to a promising future in the field.