AJ Thakkar Gives Campus Community Good Vibrations

AJ Thakkar

AJ Thakkar is a leader of Northeastern’s “Good Vibes” community, a student group with one simple goal: to spread joy and happiness across the campus and city. Each week, this group meets to discuss ways to use the power of positive thinking, kindness and sharing to improve our community.

For AJ, coursework at Northeastern’s Bouve School is only one part of the Northeastern experience. In addition to his work with Good Vibes, AJ has devoted time to Northeastern’s Husky Environment Action Team, which has pioneered a number of environmentally-conscious initiatives on campus, including composting food waste at campus dining venues and the annual “Do It in the Dark” competition, which challenges students to reduce their electricity consumption.

Public service is nothing new for AJ, who has been volunteering for humanitarian causes since his youth in Mumbai. His volunteer work spreading awareness of tuberculosis and HIV prevention methods to Mumbai’s slums was formative in his decision to devote his life to Pharmaceutical Studies. At Northeastern, AJ has continued this work as a volunteer with the Red Cross and by working with the Office of Prevention and Education, which spreads education about the risks of alcohol and drug use.