The ALIGN Program

Accelerated Link to Industry through Northeastern’s Global Network

Career goals can shift as interests expand, new opportunities arise, industries change, and technology advances. If your experience and education no longer match your professional aspirations, an innovative graduate program from Northeastern University could be the answer—ALIGN (Accelerated Link to Industry through Northeastern’s Global Network).

For more information, visit the ALIGN website.

Our Program

  • Provides bachelor’s degree holders who have a strong analytical foundation with the powerful combination of graduate education plus degree-related work experience
  • Enables students to take advantage of growing opportunities in fields where there is a strong demand for qualified professionals

Our Students

  • Come from diverse academic backgrounds
  • Prepare for their graduate studies and for their transition into successful careers through bridge courses that link their undergraduate studies to their new industry of choice

Our Curriculum

  • Delivered in a hybrid format that integrates on-campus and online courses
  • Eliminates the need for extensive supplemental coursework or a second bachelor’s degree
  • Allows you to complete your degree program within a traditional, full-time master’s degree time frame

Our Network

  • Gives students the opportunity to fuse rigorous coursework with practical experience
  • Allows students to build a resumé of full-time professional experience while completing their graduate degree through our cooperative education (co-op) program
  • Provides the ability to earn compensation that can help offset tuition cost

Our Locations

  • Are in the center of vibrant and exciting cities—Boston, Charlotte, and Seattle
  • Provide the benefits of industry connections unique to each distinctive region
  • Allow you to decide on which campus, and in which industry hub, to pursue your chosen program