PlusOne Program

Guidelines of the PlusOne Program

  • Students will be considered for admission to a PlusOne program by the appropriate graduate admissions committee. (1)
  • Admission will be based on the academic standards defined for the specific PlusOne program.
  • No additional University application fee will be required for admission to a PlusOne program. However, the graduate admissions committee may request additional materials for admission (i.e. personal statement, interview, disciplinary information).(2)
  • After completion of the undergraduate portion of the program, the student’s record will be transferred to the appropriate graduate school and, at that point, will include materials related to graduate admissions as determined by the graduate admissions committee.
  • Students will complete the requirements for both degrees, except for any sharing of graduate course credits approved for the PlusOne program.
  • A maximum of 16 undergraduate semester hours of credit may be waived via graduate course sharing. Course credits waived via any course credit sharing will be at the undergraduate level only.
  • A minimum of 14 semester hours at the graduate level (after completion of the undergraduate requirements) are required for the masters degree.
  • The undergraduate degree will be awarded at completion of undergraduate requirements.
  • There is a clear transition point in the PlusOne program (generally where the student has completed the undergraduate curriculum), beyond which a student will be considered a graduate student. The student will then officially transition into graduate status. At this point, students will have a graduate transcript for the remainder of their program.
  • Tuition and services (e.g., campus housing availability) will align with the student status. Normally the first eight semesters will be at the undergraduate level while the remaining will be at the graduate level.
  • If a student decides at some point to pursue only the undergraduate portion of the PlusOne program, all regular undergraduate program and course requirements will apply. Credit from the undergraduate degree can not be used toward the graduate degree at a later date.
  • Students enrolled in a PlusOne programs are not eligible for graduate financial aid administered by the Office of the Provost. Under exceptional circumstances, Dean’s Scholarships may be made available to students in a PlusOne program. Dean’s Scholarships are only available after completion of all undergraduate requirements. (3)

(1) Participation in the new First Year Entry Program is by invitation only.

(2) No additional materials beyond the general application to the University are required for first year students invited to participate in the Program.

(3) First year entry participants should refer to their invitation letter for details on scholarships and financial aid.