PlusOne Program

A master’s degree is an investment—in time, in energy, in financial resources, and in your future.

Northeastern University’s PlusOne Accelerated Master’s Degree offers a return on that investment that will pay dividends throughout a lifetime.

Your achievements in this challenging, multidimensional program will stand as evidence of your intellectual capacity, critical-thinking and creative problem-solving skills, discipline, determination, and commitment to your chosen field – all attributes recognized, appreciated, and sought by prospective employers. Completion of this one year, accelerated master’s degree program will also demonstrate your capability to perform quickly and efficiently in a demanding environment. Prepared with a globally recognized academic and experiential education, advanced to the next level of scholarship with your Northeastern University master’s degree, you will enjoy differentiating, competitive advantages in today’s job market—in expanded employment opportunities, career advancement potential, and financial rewards. (The U.S. Census Bureau cites a +30% differential in salary between master’s and bachelor degree holders.)

Equally important, you will enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes from continued, lifelong learning.