PlusOne Program

Designed for academically outstanding, highly motivated and resourceful students like you, the PlusOne Accelerated Master’s Program allows you to take up to a total of 16 graduate credits during your junior and senior years and apply those credits toward both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees. As a result, with appropriate academic progress, you can complete this rigorous and rewarding full-curriculum master’s degree program one year earlier than a traditional master’s program.

The PlusOne Accelerated Master’s Program offers:

  • The challenge of advanced academic coursework during both undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • Guaranteed placement in the student’s graduate degree program based upon successful completion of the program’s undergraduate degree requirements and by meeting the academic standards defined for the specific PlusOne program.
  • A full master’s degree based upon the same total credit hour requirements as a traditional master’s degree, not a reduced credit hour curriculum.
  • The opportunity to enter the job market with an advanced degree one full year earlier than through a traditional master’s program.
  • Reduced total cost of a master’s degree. Up to 16 graduate credit hours taken as an undergraduate count toward the master’s degree at no additional cost.
  • Distinct, differentiating, competitive advantages in today’s job market—in expanded employment opportunities, career advancement options, and financial rewards.
  • An expanded professional network of graduate-level connections—professors, mentors, and the expansive Northeastern University global alumni network.