Double Husky Scholarship

A Unique Way To Save

The Double Husky Scholarship program provides all alumni with a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern a tuition discount of up to 25% when they enroll in any of more than 100 full-time programs. The application fee is also waived.

Northeastern alumni are automatically considered for the scholarship. Upon acceptance, an eligible student will receive a letter from his or her college indicating the percentage of tuition discount that applies to Double Husky Scholarship recipients in that college.

Eligibility for Double Husky:

  • A Northeastern bachelor’s degree.
  • Submit an application and all other required materials to an approved graduate. Acceptance is determined by each individual graduate program. Doctorate programs are not eligible.
  • Be admitted into an approved and eligible Northeastern full-time graduate program and maintain full-time enrollment each term. Full-time status may vary by program; if a program does not allow a student to enroll in the standard full-time credit load (a minimum of 8 semester/quarter hours per term), considerations may be made.
  • Enroll in a graduate program during the 2014-2015 academic year.