Undergraduate Researchers

Ipswich-Setup-6Kat O’Brien – Northeastern University
Kat is in her third-year of pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Science at Northeastern University. Her heart lies with studying fishery policy and ecology, specifically focusing on the implementation of spatial models in policy decisions. Kat started volunteering for the Grabowski lab in September 2014, and began working full time as a research technician in January 2015. Throughout her time she has aided in field and lab work, and even started her diving career! In her free time, Kat enjoys rolling down hills and eating pints of ice cream.



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Ben Moran – Northeastern University
Ben is a third-year student at Northeastern, pursuing a B.S. in Marine Biology; his interests include molecular ecology, biogeography, and ecological modelling.  Previously, Ben was on co-op in the David Mark Welch lab at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, studying the genetics and epigenetics of rotifers as a model for lifespan and fecundity.  He splits his time in the Grabowski lab between aiding in field and tank experiments, and performing data mining and statistical analysis for fisheries socioeconomics research.



Luc LaGraff – Northeastern University
Luc is a third-year candidate for a B.S. in Marine Biology at Northeastern. Before his college days, he spent time working at Union College’s Biology and Mechanical Engineering departments. During this time he assisted in a study the effects of actin on embryonic heart morphogenesis. The paper is currently in review. Luc also has experience working in a shark research lab through Oceans Campus in South Africa. Luc volunteered for the Grabowski lab in the Spring of 2015, and is thrilled to have accepted a co-op position for the latter half of the summer and into the fall. He is particularly interested in the behavior and anatomy of benthic fishes, especially sharks. Luc has been praised highly for his bivalve measuring ability.