Financial Aid

Funding for financial aid and related policies are at the forefront of issues facing higher education, dominating discussions and votes in Washington, D.C. Who is eligible? How much can be awarded? How do students obtain funding? Where is the funding coming from? The Department of Education and its Office of Financial Aid are the focal point of much of this discussion.

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In 2009, Congress voted to change the federal loan system through the Higher Education Act (HEA) to ensure that all loans are part of the federal Direct Lending program. These federal institutions, along with Northeastern, are dedicated to providing all eligible students the aid they require to access the education they deserve. Though the HEA was signed into law in 1965, it constantly requires evaluation and reauthorization. Through this process, new regulations are developed. The Department of Education is responsible for publishing these regulations, then interpreting and implementing them. Northeastern tracks the development of these regulations and will continue to take an active role in the policy and regulatory discussions of financial aid.

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