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As a degreed architect seeking a graduate degree in engineering, Nick Brooks knew that he was entering unfamiliar territory.  By joining the Gordon Program in conjunction with his Master of Science in Energy Systems, he was able to focus on the practical application of his new skill set.

“Aside from developing leadership capabilities, I had the opportunity to be paired with a company that was along the lines of my degree,” says Brooks.

The Gordon Program helped Brooks secure a graduate-level internship at EnerNOC, an industry leading energy management company.  Brooks focused on building-level mechanical systems through one of the newer products EnerNOC offers.

“That’s got to be the largest selling point of the Gordon Program,” says Brooks.  “The program wasn’t simply about academic rigor.  It was about implementation, which was big for me.”

For his Challenge Project, Brooks worked on a quantitative study of energy systems monitoring and optimization.

“For architecture, thoughtful design ought to work in concert with building operations cost and energy use.  This is something that I think is really going to be prominent in the building industry in the next couple years,” says Brooks.  “Collaboration between engineering and architectural disciplines needs to be thoughtfully conducted at a point where making changes is easy.  Recommending a building specific design based on equipment and material metrics, not only saves energy, it saves money and conserves resources.”

Brooks believes that EnerNOC also realized significant value from the experience.

“EnerNOC was completing a proof of concept phase to validate a scalable, viable business,” says Brooks. “In hiring me, they were able to have someone who wasn’t necessarily an expert in any of their specific processes.  They had someone who was willing to learn the process and listen, and then help give perspective to something that might have otherwise been overlooked.  It was a very forward-thinking idea that enabled a more holistic look at the current state, which has had a positive impact.”

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The National Academy of Engineering awarded the Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership the prestigious 2015 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education.

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