Gordon Fellow 2011
MS in Mechanical Engineering 2012


A.W. Chesterton


Design Engineer III

Undergraduate School

Northeastern University

Undergraduate Major

Mechanical Engineering

Prior to joining the Gordon Program, Christopher Walker was at a crossroads.

“I was working fulltime and trying to decide if I wanted to go into a technical masters, an engineering management masters, or possibly an MBA.  I was looking at a wide variety, and I wasn’t sure which path I was going to choose.”

During his deliberations, Walker spoke with a peer who had recently completed the Gordon Program.

“I thought it was a really good fit,” says Walker, “and a good compromise between all three of those options.”

Walker chose to pursue the Gordon Program in conjunction with his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  His Challenge Project involved developing a signal processing system for the detection of mechanical seal failure for his employer, A.W. Chesterton.

“It provided the groundwork for a project that could be pretty huge for us, and it was having the academic support of the Gordon Program that helped it get where it is today,” Walker says.  “We’re talking about a project that someday may bring us millions of dollars.  This isn’t a 10- to 15-cent cost reduction project – it’s the start of what could possibly be a groundbreaking new product for us.”

Beyond the success of his Challenge Project, Walker is realizing other benefits of participating in the Gordon Program.

“I got a promotion last week,” says Walker. “They referenced the ambition to take on this program as something that was a real positive reflection of me and who I want to be with the company.”

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The National Academy of Engineering awarded the Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership the prestigious 2015 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education.

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