Candidates complete their core GEL requirements during one calendar year, as detailed below. At the end of the core GEL requirements, Candidates earn a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership and the prestigious title of “Gordon Fellow.”

Fall Semester (September – December)

  • Classes held on main campus
  • Thursdays (3pm-8pm) and Fridays (8am-1pm)

Spring Semester (January – April)

  • Classes held on main campus
  • Thursdays (3pm-8pm) and Fridays (8am-1pm)

Summer Semester (May – August)

  • No on-campus class sessions
  • Participate in weekly online Challenge Project Webinars
  • Return to campus in August to present Challenge Project to Faculty Committee

Candidates who pursue GEL as part of a Master of Science degree can complete their additional technical coursework during the same year or after completing the core GEL curriculum.  Upon completion of the additional technical coursework, Candidates earn a Master of Science in their designated engineering discipline.

Work-School-Life Balance

GEL is designed for students employed in industry, and the vast majority of participants work fulltime while pursuing the degree.

Most employers view GEL as an important investment that they make on behalf of their participating Candidates.  To help maintain work-school-life balance and ensure the greatest return on investment from the Challenge Project experience, some organizations offer a reduced/adjusted work schedule to account for time spent in classes or working on the Challenge Project.

GEL encourages all organizations and Candidates to communicate about work expectations and schedules as part of the onboarding process for the program.

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