Participants Complete the Gordon Undergraduate Engineering Leadership Program (GUEL)

The Gordon Undergraduate Engineering Leadership Program (GUEL) awarded Certificates of Completion to 12 undergraduate engineering students who successfully completed the 2012 program curriculum.

Participants began the program in January by attending a two-day leadership “boot camp.”  They then completed five self-directed modules aimed at enhancing their undergraduate co-op experience and accelerating their leadership development.

For the final module, participants reflected on their leadership development and how the modules impacted their overall co-op experience.  They shared the information during formal presentations to GUEL faculty.

Students shared the following feedback during their presentations:

  • “The skills I learned from GEL helped with organizing my time and getting what I needed from people.” (Thomas Abraham, Co-op Employer: Digital Lumens, Inc.)
  • “The modules helped me understand more about my personality type and how to integrate into the company and use my strengths.” (Richard Zhao, Co-op Employer: EMC Corporation)
  • “The Project Management module led to the first big project I’ve gotten to work on during co-op. I took it and ran with it, and it was a really valuable experience.” (David Markham, Co-op Employer: Free Flow Power)
  • “Previously, I had worked in much more structured environments at larger companies. The start-up environment provided a lot of flexibility with tasks and diversity of projects. The module that spurred the undertaking of project management gave me confidence to take the lead on the conception, design, and sourcing of an important piece of test equipment. This forced me to rapidly learn how to manage expectations and demands of coworkers and suppliers while developing the optimal solution in a timely fashion.”   (Andrew Hickson, Co-op Employer: Symmetry Medical, Inc.)
  • “The Project Management module taught me that I need to consider all the people who are involved in a process.” (Erica Lawson, Co-op Employer: International Specialty Products)
  • “The modules really helped me build my career as a leader. They made me self aware and helped me be successful in my co-op.”  (Kerri Liss, Co-op Employer: C&S Wholesale Groceries)
  • “I knew exactly which characteristics I had to improve to become a better leader.  I had a concrete plan and a way to measure success.”  (Eugenia Velasquez, Co-op Employer: Vistaprint)
  • “The leadership module was significant to me because there were a lot of changes going on in my department… I really enjoyed my co-op and this was such a great supplement to it.” (Annmarie Uliano, Co-op Employer: Symmetry Medical, Inc.)
  • “The module gave me the initiative to stop and look at the company, along with my position and purpose for being there.  It resulted in a great conversation with my supervisor that revealed to me more than just the initial questions from the module.” (Joseph Robinson, Co-op Employer: Analogic)
  • “I learned a lot from the module on leadership characteristics.  It allowed me to recognize some of my weaknesses and make a plan to address them.” (Mariah Dellea, Co-op Employer: GE Aviation)

* * *

The Gordon Undergraduate Engineering Leadership Program (GUEL) is an undergraduate subset of the graduate-level Gordon Engineering Leadership Program (GEL) at Northeastern University.  The primary objective of GUEL is to enhance the value of Northeastern’s world-renowned cooperative education (co-op) program by offering a supplementary curriculum that makes engineering leadership development a focus of the co-op experience. 

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