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Entegris provides a wide range of products for purifying, protecting and transporting critical materials used in processing and manufacturing in semiconductor and other high-tech industries.

Prior to beginning GEL, Daniel Wells approached Entegris about sponsoring his industry-focused Challenge Project.

The Challenge Project centered on the characterization of pad conditioners used in wafer polishing.  Patrick Doering, a Principal Scientist at Entegris, served as the Industry Sponsor/Advocate.

“The project was identified by reviewing some challenges related to a specific product development program,” says Doering.  “During this review, we identified some technical items that required research to improve our understanding of the product and its performance. These areas fit well with the focus and scope of a Challenge Project.”

Wells worked on the Challenge Project throughout his time in GEL, delivering his final presentation prior to completing the program in August 2012.

“The project benefited Entegris in several ways,” says Doering.  “We gained a deeper understanding of the underlying technical issues related to product performance.  This understanding will allow us to accelerate the product development schedule.”

In addition to the value it provided for Entergis, the Challenge Project served as an important learning experience for Wells.

Doering with Gordon Fellow Daniel Wells

“Dan definitely expanded both his leadership and technical skills,” says Doering.  “He expanded his leadership skills by taking ownership of larger parts of the project, which involved working with fellow team members, extended team members (including interaction with individuals in other countries), as well as working with people and organizations outside of Entegris.  Dan expanded his technical skills in many ways, including identification and development of new measurement technologies that enabled the project to succeed.”

Doering recognizes the importance of programs that help engineers expand their leadership capabilities.

“Early development of leadership skills helps young engineers to better integrate into a variety of teams,” Doering says.  “These skills are very important in the type of fast-paced product development environment that Dan is a part of at Entegris. Generally, students who develop leadership skills by participating in GEL will be able to increase their level of contribution earlier in their career and this will ultimately help accelerate their career development.”

Looking back, Doering reflects positively on his time spent as a vital member of the Challenge Project mentoring team.

“I very much enjoyed sponsoring Dan’s Challenge Project,” says Doering.  “It gave me the opportunity to get to know Dan, to mentor him, to learn from him, and to watch him develop new leadership skills in an industrial environment.  The project truly benefited both Dan and me.”

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