Spring 2014 Distinguished Speaker Series
Gordon Program

On January 23rd, our Distinguished Speaker will be Joan Cullinane, Senior Director of Product Lifecycle and Technology, SPARC Operations, at Oracle. 

Date:  Thursday, January 23, 2014
Time:  7:00- 8:00pm
Location:  431 Stearns Center

Joan Cullinane is Sr. Director of Product Lifecycle and Technology, SPARC Operations, at Oracle. She is responsible for overseeing new product development and the continuous improvement throughout the product lifecycle for the SPARC Operations group.

Joan Cullinane graduated from Northeastern University and holds both BSME and MSME. She also holds MBA from Whittemore School of Business at UNH.

Most recently, a May 2012 recipient at the 28th Annual TWIN Award honoring Silicon Valley’s Executive Women who exemplify excellence in executive-level positions and the companies who employ them. Joan has been with Oracle (Sun Microsystems prior) for more than 15 years. Her tenure in Operations leadership roles includes President of Velcro USA and VP of Operations with Velcro USA.

As true Boston alumni she has run the Boston Marathon four times during her career to bring her back close to Northeastern University in her spare time!

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