MS in Telecommunication Networks

Total Semester Hours Required: 32

Students pursing the MS in Telecommunication Networks with Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership must complete 16 Semester Hours of required GEL coursework and 16 Semester Hours of required Telecommunication Systems Management coursework.

Please refer to Telecommunication Networks homepage for the most up-to-date course requirements and other program information.

Plan of Study

Gordon Engineering Leadership Program (16 Semester Hours)
ENLR 5121 Engineering Leadership 1 2
ENLR 5122 Engineering Leadership 2 2
ENLR 5131 Scientific Principles of Engineering 1 2
ENLR 5132 Scientific Principles of Engineering 2 2
ENLR 7440 Engineering Leadership Challenge Project 1 4
ENLR 7442 Engineering Leadership Challenge Project 2 4
Telecommunication Networks Coursework (16 Semester Hours)
TELE 5310 Fundamentals of Communication Systems  4
TELE 5320 Telecommunication Architecture and Systems  4
TELE 5330 Data Networking  4
TELE 5340 Telecommunications Public Policy and Business Management  4









One technical core course and TELE 5340 may be replaced by 8SH of technical elective coursework at the discretion of the director of the TN program. The elective coursework will be selected in consultation with the students faculty advisor.

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