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United States Navy Strategic Studies Group solicit Gordon Engineering Leadership Program Expertise

March 13, 2013

Professor Steven McGonagle, of the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program at Northeastern University, has recently been selected by the United States Navy, Strategic Studies Group XXXII (SSG), to participate in a USN research study to address the U.S. Navy’s challenges to the year 2030.

The mission of SSG is to generate revolutionary concepts for the Navy’s near and far term implementation as directed by the Chief of Naval Operations. Professor McGonagle’s role in this research will be to serve as a subject matter expert in the realm of organizational leadership; specifically in regard to creating organizational culture and climate to maximize individual and organizational performance.

As a member of team Cybernetics; Professor McGonagle will seek to understand the relationship between humans and machines to best pursue USN and organizational goals. Professor McGonagle will also examine individual and organizational training techniques to achieve optimal learning and performance.

Professor McGonagle is part of a team that delivers the GEL Program in the College of Engineering. This transformational graduate program prepares engineers to invent, innovate, and implement technical projects by providing effective leadership to cross functional teams.


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The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program at Northeastern University is an intensive graduate program directed at building a future corps of engineering leadership professionals. For more information, visit

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The National Academy of Engineering awarded the Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership the prestigious 2015 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education.

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